Chris Brogan’s Tips from Disney Social Media Moms

Live blogging from the Disney conference!

Chris Brogan loves meeting people at events like this and is such a friendly guy full of wonderful advice. During this trip, he said lots of bloggers all are asking him how to make money on their blogs and to build more community.

I’ve included everything below. There are a ton of amazing nuggets. One of his best pieces of advice about blogging is that  ”Good Enough is Good Enough!”when it comes to blog posts.  Don’t waste too much time on one blog post. I agree!

Here are his tips:

- Be the catalyst to conversation as opposed to being the one on stage.

- HOW is the least interesting thing to answer….. Instead, answer WHY!  This is a mistake many people make all the time.

- Service is your full time job.

- Sales is delicious if you do it right.

- Do things. Try things. That’s the importance of labs – experiment.

-Read the book “Reality is Broken” by Jennifer McGonigal

- Ask yourself all the time – “Then What? Then What? Then What?” Conquer. Start picking up those chips and play a more difficult game. See what else you can do to do better.

-Social media allows you to create a new dial tone and change the pulse.

- Be a connector – be the go to guy. You’ll be at the elbow of every deal being made.

-Start with YOU. Make yourself whole first. ( Kind of like that life lesson of putting the oxygen mask on yourself first. You can only do so much to support others. You need to fix you first before you can help others. )

-Look at your main website as a home base. Think of Facebook as an Outpost. Use those outposts as a call to action to put inline revenue onto your site.

- These distribution channels, like Facebook,  are like gold. You want more distribution. You can not keep your comments all in one place. Getting “Likes”  is just as awesome as getting comments.

-Be sure to have the Facebook Like on your posts.

- Be everywhere. Use all the social network sites and use your site as just a homebase.

- If you are not connecting everyday you are not making building your brand. ALWAYS be connecting.

- R is for Referrals. We live and die by referrals.

-A is for Attention or Awareness. You must be everywhere. Doing great things in email isn’t worth so much. Do it in a blog post or facebook so everyone sees it.

- P is for Presence. you want to be places. Be everywhere. That’s how people get noticed. If you blog 2x per day you double your traffic in no time at all.

-Money. People are really weird about money and talking about money. How much they want to make and how they make it. We don’t talk about it enough and don’t share our goals for it. You must have a goal to get there.

- Mobile: If you have a word press blog, you must get WP touch to implement to your site. It will make it look so much better on mobile devices.

- Managing your time: Close tabs on your computer and stop saying yes to everyone and everything from Twitter to Facebook to browsing other sites. Use your time wisely. Execute right now to get things done!

-”Good Enough is Good Enough!”when it comes to blog posts.  Don’t waste too much time one blog post.

- Why video? YouTube is the #2 Search Engine. So you want to get something up there and you need to be there.

- Videos have to be BRIEF. Who is going to watch an 11 minute video?

- Audio is what makes a great video. Invest in something that has better audio. (ie Kodak has an external microphone)

Attention Matters. How do you get it? Here’s his thoughts on that!

1.You give it to get it. But don’t just leave your URL in the bottom of the comment. It makes you suddenly kind of jerky as that info is in the sign in ID anyhow.

2. Raise up other bloggers. All the time. Especially in the mom space he feels this does not happen as much due to the catty behavior.  If you raise everyone up, there is more for everyone.

10 Responses to “Chris Brogan’s Tips from Disney Social Media Moms”
  1. Beth says:

    Love that you are reporting this info. so quickly from the conference – you rock. And love that you already have a website for your book! Amazing advice – I better start inputting my Facebook like links pronto on my posts! Have a great time – hope to see you soon!

  2. Tara says:

    Thank you so much for posting all this and so quick. As a new blogger I am nervous but am going on my passion for writing combined with my obsession of reading blogs. I find in invaluable when the established bloggers take the time to share their information and advice. What a pleasure it will be to join the wonderful world of bloggers. I can’t wait to get started when my blog design is finished next week!

  3. Great job getting this up so quickly! I only wish I could be there :)

  4. Andi says:

    Way to go, Colleen! This is great! Thanks for the follow up!

  5. sharyn says:

    great job Colleen!!!! Thanks for all the info

  6. Gail says:

    I have shared this with all my networking groups. These tips are relevant not only to mommy bloggers but to any small business owner and new entrepreneur who is starting out. Thank you!

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