Digital Mom Advice Tip #49: How to Upload Your Cell Phone Pics to Picasa

The Web Albums iPhone app is a lifesaver. I highly recommend downloading it if you take lots of pics via your phone and also generally store and manage your digital pictures & videos via Google Picasa.

At only $2.99 I now have a way to easily upload all those photos and videos I take on my iPhone seamlessly into my Google Picasa Web Albums.  The Web Albums app is a Picasa Photo Viewer, Uploader, and Manager for your pics. It’s awesome and easy to use too.

Huge thanks go out to my husband for finding this app for me today! I struggle with literally running out of disk space on my phone on a very regular basis – so I find myself rushing to delete pictures when all of the sudden I see I have no space left to do ANYTHING on my phone but of course need to capture an important moment on film.

Now, I can regularly upload these pics I take straight to Google Picasa and then delete them manually off my phone with the full confidence that I’ve saved my critical and precious pics.

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