Digital Mom Advice Tip #51 – It’s all about FAMILY

Digital Mom Advice Tip #51 – It’s all about FAMILY

In my world (Audrey), my sons reflect who I am. I couldn’t possibly do what I do without involving them in my posts, my videos and my photos. It’s the way it is, I made this decision a very long time ago.

If you’re like me, then you need to make sure you have your family’s help and support. It’s all about the family here.

When toys come in for review, my boys take over.
When books come in to read (that are for them), my boys take over.
When it’s food that I want the boys to try for a post, my boys take over.

My boys are an extension of who I am, and I feel like my readers see and feel this. The best thing about including your family is that nobody’s an actor… everything is 100% true and real and raw, so you need to be ready for that, too!

Being a mom blogger, my family needed to be part of what I was creating on… after all, it’s all about family. And they are the very reason I’m a digital mom. So when you’re creating your blog postings, keep this in mind… is it all about your family? If it is… include them! It’s the best real life piece of life ever!

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