Digital Mom Advice Tip #54: Always have CHARGERS

Digital Mom Advice Tip #54: Always have CHARGERS

There’s nothing worse than going away and realizing you don’t have your chargers. For a blogger, it’s like trying to type with handcuffs, it’s impossible.

My (Audrey) advice is pretty simple to combat this, ALWAYS have chargers on you.

I just don’t buy one and hope that I’ll remember to travel with it… oh, no…

I buy a charger for:
My house
My suitcase
My handbag
My car

I’m not kidding… I have the ability to charge my phone and/or laptop wherever I go. That’s always my best advice for moms who ask me about charging up… I just always have the tools on me to do so.

It’s essential.

And believe me, I’ve learned the hard way!

Buy chargers in bulk! ;)

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