Digital Mom Advice Tip #56: Guest Contributors

Digital Mom Advice Tip #56: Guest Contributors

Is it OK to take a vacation?
Is it OK to take a break?
Is it OK to take a day-off?

Yup… all these questions go through a blogger’s mind, especially when you’re really trying hard to stay consistent on your blog.

My (Audrey) best advice is find one or two contributors to help you out. These contributors could be other mom bloggers. They could be writers. They could be family or friends. They could be moms you meet on the playground.

As long as they have a voice you feel comfortable with and aligns with your brand, you’re good. I highly suggest finding someone you trust completely.

One thing that’s amazing about the blog community, as soon as you put it out there that you need some help, you’ll have an army of women all there to have your back!

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  1. Joel Ekstein says:

    I was looking through some of your post and I notice there are less amount of post about lifehacks on recovering gadgets, tips and tricks for gadget use.So i was thinking of writing a guest post titled
    “How To Childproof Your Gadgets” which would talk about protecting accessories/gadget away from accident.. I’d be happy to hear from you. Thanks!

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