Digital Mom Advice Tip #59: Finding Brands to Work With

Digital Mom Advice Tip #59: Finding Brands to Work With

We have been very lucky to work with some brands and companies that we just love. Every brand we work with, is an actual brand that we use in our lives. That seems to be the biggest misconception when it comes to bloggers and working with brands… only work with ones that work for you and your life.

Many bloggers have reached out to us asking us to help they figure out which brands would be the best ones to work with… it’s not always easy for people.

Here is my biggest piece of advice when it comes to trying to find a brand that would work for you perfectly.

Stop. Look. See.

Stop and really take a good look at your life.

What diapers do you use?
What stroller do you use?
What detergent do you use?
What cheese do you use every single day on that sandwich?
What bedding do you only buy?
What shampoo will you only purchase?

Take the time to look at your life and find the brands that truly mean something to you. They’re emotional for you, they’ve been a true impact in your life.

These are the brands that you’re going to work the best with because they’ve helped make your life easier and benefited you in a way.

These are the brands to go after because your pitch/your story will be 100% authentic…

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