Digital Mom Advice Tip #61: Traffic on Google Maps

Want up to the second Traffic updates when your traveling on the highway for a road trip? Simple. Use the Google Maps app on your iPhone or iPad (or other device!) and turn on the traffic overlay.

Seriously this thing is miraculous! We love it.

If there is an accident you can assess just how much traffic there is and decide to take an alternate route – we’ve done that before on roadtrips to NYC.

The overlay of traffic on the Highways on the map shows:

Green for no traffic, orange for congested/slow, and Red for total traffic.

Today, however, we dealt with just pure congestion so stuck with our planned route up the NJ Turnpike  & Garden State Parkway as we drove  from Philadelphia to Connecticut on what is the busiest travel day of the year – the day before Thanksgiving.

It was insane as it took us 5 hrs for what should normally take 3 hours. However, we were able to perfectly predict and see where traffic would be congested using our Google Maps App – and this provided relief as we could tell there weren’t major accidents but that we’d perhaps be slowing down for 10 minutes and so on throughout the ride.

3 Responses to “Digital Mom Advice Tip #61: Traffic on Google Maps”
  1. Kyle says:

    Google maps is just awesome. Just a few months ago (shouldn’t admit to that part) I got my first smart phone and before that I was using a useless GPS that needed updated. Now I simply use my phone & LOVE Google maps!

  2. Binky says:

    I can’t find google maps in the apple app store, there are tons other google apps, but not google maps, is it under a different name?

  3. Mirek says:

    Czekam na kontynuacje

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