ipad stylus

ipad stylus

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  1. Bhuva says:

    That’s EXACTLY why I have complained for years that there are so lancikg ‘Part-time careers’ in HK! They are abundant in Europe! I mean, there are 60% or 80% jobs, or even 40% ones, and you get SAME promotions and development or advancements at work, say, if you get A-report for three years, for example, then you can get promoted, with a certain (fixed) percent of payrise, but of course, 60% AM, for example, will get promoted to be a 60% Manager. It is a good solution to (at least): (1) provide more job opportunities; (2) help solve unemployment problems; (3) help enterprises lower risks in hiring less experienced/qualified employees, thus facilitate better manpower planning, human resource management, staff development, etc.; (4) help people change to other industries (for whatever reasons) as there are more readily ‘test-runs’ available in the market; (5) promote work-life balance; (6) SOLVE THE EXACT PROBLEM of (mostly new) parents; (7) be less dependent in a few staff members (the best ones of each rank/post); (8) give enterprises more choices, thus higher bargaining power (in terms of salaries); (9) promote company image by showing CARE to the community; and (10) help to boost economy by giving people more days off and thus more leisure time to SPEND MONEY! I truly think that it is a win-win-win-win solution, so I don’t understand why the Gov. is not doing anything or promote it. At least I would NOT mind having a long weekend EVERY WEEK in exchange for having 20% less salary (base on the salary of my last job :P ). Not only new parents, but many young people would also like the idea of 80% career (but not jobs with no prospects). Working for one less day does not mean that on the other four days we would not still OT as hard as a dog for the boss, frankly, but just have a bit more personal time, no matter for sleeping, Facebooking, studying or whatever, it is healthier than working 60 hours in office per week. I think it is a good idea, esp. when Donald *verbally* asked HK people to have three children!

  2. Katkat says:

    Thanks for this, will definitely try and find some at home depot! and as far as sufrace adjustments .Definitely use WAX PAPER works great! Or any kind of water/liquid resistant paper, totally solves the hand grime problem. Art supply stores have all kinds of whacky papers you can experiment with.Also to keep the paper on the tablet try making sure it is stretched firm to stop paper bulging. DON’T use printer paper it is too thin.I hunted down two very wide rubber bands and put them on the sides of my tablet so i don’t have to keep using tape. Regular paper will bulge no matter what after some time and will get in the way of fine pen motions. Wax paper however never did and I love it. If you like smoother feels try overhead projector paper.

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