Gadget of the Week: Omnitech’s Mini-Speaker Pod

Gadget of the Week: Omnitech’s Mini-Speaker Pod available at Staples.

I worked as Staples’ Holiday Spokesperson this past holiday season. One of the gifts that I had recommended for the holidays to moms, dads and kids was Omnitech’s Mini-Speaker Pod.

I was so intrigued by the Mini-Speaker Pod, that I got one for myself! I absolutely love it. I have all my music downloaded into my phone. When I play it from my phone with my headphones on, the sound is perfect. Crisp. Clear. Wonderful! When I play my music and put it on the speaker function, the sound isn’t so good. You can’t hear it too well.

But… when you plug in the Mini-Speaker Pod, it’s PERFECT! The sound is loud, crisp, expanded and amazing!

I highly recommend getting one of these Pods. They plug right into MP3 players, e-notebooks, mobile phones, and gaming devices.

And… ohh!! The best part?

They’re $9.99.

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  1. MMKJNJ says:

    I purchased one of these little beauties last year for myself and I could not agree more. This tiny little spaker is amazing and the price cant be beat $10….i went back looking to see if I can got some for Christmas this year. they completely sold out last year at Staples…hoping they get them back in…might have to get one for everyone. HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU BUY THIS!!!

  2. R says:

    These speakers are really good long battery life and great sound quality which they would bring them back

  3. Yes! Finally something about fifa 17.

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