Good Read: How To Trademark Your Blog

If you have any interest in turning your blog into a business and/or brand or protecting the name you create, it is critical you consider trademarking your name.  Our advice is to do this as early as possible in your digital journey to prevent headaches and the possible need to re-brand and re-name your site down the down the road.

She Posts wrote a great article today titled, “How to Trademark Your Blog,” where they share information on what’s involved in the trademark process and the potential costs – about $300 to do it yourself or about $1000+ for a lawyer to do it for you which is what I did for Classy Mommy. They also share great links for resources to help you trademark your own blog and explain how you can check to see if a name has been previously trademarked – before you choose that one for your own domain name.  Read the full article here for their tips and tricks.

Another useful site to read more about Trademarks is the official USPTO site here.

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