JotJournal: Turn those Facebook Updates into a Photo Album

Really this is a genius invention. The founder of JotJournal realized that although those quick status updates and photos we share of our lives on Facebook via our mobile phones take a moment to post, compiling them all in a photo album is priceless. I’m gaga for this JotJournal album I created that shows my most popular status updates from the past 2 months along with all those fave photos of my kids and my family that I chose to share with all my Facebook friends.

What’s especially cool is it took me all of 2 minutes to make and order my album. Literally, all I did was link my Facebook account to JotJournal, and they did all the work for me to create the album. I find even making albums on Snapfish a major pain as I struggle to decide on fave pics. But with JotJournal, I already did that work as I was sharing status updates all along for the past few months. And now they just pull all my faves and popular Facebook posts and turn them into an album. I am crazy for this concept and I am sure I’ll be making more of these books!

My JotJournal photo book is is paperback, printed in color, and looks beautiful. Well worth $15 to save the memories I’d surely NEVER take the time to scrapbook. Even better, I’ve got a 50% off coupon code for you. Use code “jjfriend” to save 50% on your next order. Enjoy!

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  1. Carrie Grove says:

    This would make such a GREAT gift for grandma on Mother’s Day!

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