The Digital Mom Handbook and Intel Laptop Giveaway

We are so excited to partner with Intel as we prepare for the launch of our upcoming book, “The Digital Mom Handbook.” Intel is the perfect partner for us as Intel technology is at the heart of every day modern life. And our book is all about harnessing that technology and sharing our personal digital adventures to show Moms how to blog, vlog, tweet, and facebook their way to a dream career at home.

Without technology, our lives as work from home Moms balancing our families and our careers – sometimes from the carpool lane -would not be possible. So that’s why we are giving away a Sony -VAIO Laptop with Intel® Core™ i5 Processor valued at $979.99 to one very lucky Digital Mom.

Intel technology and social media are empowering women to do more; from connecting with friends and family to achieving a better work/life balance to enabling women to find new ways to explore their passions.

Sometimes all this tech is hard to conceptualize. But, Intel really does help power us Digital Moms. Did you now that Intel processors work hard behind the scenes to make it all happen?  We like to think of Intel as the brain that makes our computers tick and our tech gadgets tock .

Entering is easy. You just need to answer this question.

As a Digital Mom, how has technology and social media empowered you to strike a better work life balance? Please share your story.

Without technology, life as we both know it as work from home bloggers and vloggers would not exist. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

What’s the scoop on this hot laptop?

This laptop has Intel’s latest core processor and that it supports WIDI 2.o. Why is that cool? Well, Intel has a deal with Warner Brothers to private exclusive content to WIDI 2.0 Users. Instead of huddling around your laptop, families can watch content from their PCS on their big screen TV’s wirelessly. How awesome is that??? Connecting my laptop via all those cords to my big screen TV is a total drag! We love this feature. So little Tommy’s football games can be viewed on the TV just like your latest Netflix download, or photo slideshow from the holidays, birthday parites or all those other special “visual” occassions us Digital Moms love to capture and digitize via pics or videos.

Win a Sony -VAIO Laptop with Intel® Core™ i5 Processor valued at $979.99.

Let’s recap how to Enter:

1. It’s simple. Provide a thoughtful response to the below question with a comment by June 15th, 2011.

As a Digital Mom, how has technology and social media empowered you to strike a better work life balance?

2. For an additional entry, a little fun, and to showcase your creativity, feel free to email us a photo response by June 15th, 2011 showing how technology helps you strike that magical work life balance.

Anything goes here. Think using your netbook or laptop from the beach. Or maybe a funny picture of you with your smart phone.( You know that gadget that enables us Mamas to organize our crazy lives and handle business emergencies all while cooking dinner, watching from the sidelines of soccer practice, or waiting in the office of the Pediatrician.)

You can email your photos to Audrey and Colleen here:

3. For one more additional entry – and since we love the camera so much – you can submit a simple & quick 2 minute “show & tell” video on the topic of how technology helps you strike that magical work life balance. Feel free to email us the link to your video response by June 15th, 2011.

Email address:

How will we choose a winner?

We’ll select our favorite comments and photos. Next, we’ll share them with a panel of our Digital Mom peers to help us select a winner. Joining us on the panel will be:

Katja Presnal from Skimbaco Lifestyle

Ellen Seidman from Love That Max

Stacie Haight Connerty from The Divine Miss Mommy

We’ll announce our winner by July 1st, 2011 by sharing their winning comment and photo if applicable. And if our winner is an online mompreneur, Etsy rockstar, blogging phenom, or vlogging video star, any other kind of Digital Maven, we’ll be sure to tell you all about their business and success.

Additional Entry rules: Winner must have a US or Canadian Mailing address. Winner must respond within one week of contact with a valid shipping address.

Disclosure: We partnered with Intel to host this savvy giveaway for Digital Moms. Thanks to Intel for supporting our Digital Mom community and providing this excellent prizing.

293 Responses to “The Digital Mom Handbook and Intel Laptop Giveaway”
  1. Jamie Brigham says:

    As a Digital Mom, how has technology and social media empowered you to strike a better work life balance?

    As a Digital Mom technology and social media have made my life easier. I have 3 children ages 11,10 and 1 year and I am always searching the internet for the latest answers to problems I have, I love reading posts from mommy bloggers. Having the internet has also kept me more updated about upcoming appointments at the doctor office, They now email us, post our lab results on a patient only portal and much more. My son had colic and is allergic to cows milk. I researched this information online and then spoke to our doctor who agreed. I love social media sites such as Facebook, I use facebook to keep in touch with family who live far away, I give them updates about the kids and share pictures of them as well. I am a stay at home mom so my work is never ending I use the internet to find out how to remove stains that I never know could exist *LOL* and plan dinners getting wonderful new recipes from mommy bloggers and places like Betty Crocker. The internet has been a godsend. I Love the internet a laptop would be amazing to have. Thank you

  2. Molly Gold says:

    Audrey!!! First congratulations and so much success to you and Colleen!! What a blessing and joy to see you achieve your goals! Next ~ I have to enter this because the exact same laptop is on my 2011 DREAM BOARD!!! I desperately need a new laptop and I can’t believe this is the one you are giving away =) And finally ~ here is the answer to your question ~ Technology helps me strike that magical work life balance by affording me the immense grace to work around my family first in everything I do. In my work, its the ability to connect with partners from all over the world while I remain rooted at home, present for my family and engaged with our children’s lives, each one unique and different as they are in elementary, middle, and high school. You can imagine the constant juggle simply around their emotional and social needs much less activities, academics, and life in general. In my heart I can’t imagine not running carpool, helping tie shoes, volunteering at school, or being able to run in the middle of the day to get in my workout and let off some steam. All of these life balance touch points are possible for me because I can vlog, write, email, conference call, and tweet anywhere and at anytime. Not everything has to be real time, like writing, so I schedule creative sessions well ahead of deadlines and over pockets of time that are clear of any conflict with family time. For those things that demand a real time response worthy of multi-tasking, that too is entirely an option if I choose to make it one. Ultimately, I think its entirely fair to say that without technology, I would lose the blessing of being able to walk daily through both my worlds and not be the woman that I hope I’ll succeed at best, which is as a loving, joyful, and fully present wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend that I can hope to be. Thank you!!!!

  3. Mikki Vlach says:

    As a Digital Mom, how has technology and social media empowered you to strike a better work life balance?

    I work fulltime outside of the home and modern technology makes it so much easier for me to keep in touch with my family throughout the workday. My kids are able to send me texts so I know what they are doing and with whom, where they are going and when they will be home. Obviously it’s easy for me to reply and with texting we don’t get into the arguments that ensued when they used to call me and I denied them permission to do something. :) Social media lets me keep in touch with old friends as well as being able to do the networking that is so vital to my career. todays technology also lets me keep in touch with my kids’ teachers at a moments notice, check their grades and homework assignments, etc….. I dont’ know how our parents did it. They left a lot to chance. I think we had it easier than our kids thought – easier to get away with more stuff! :)
    My newest passion is couponing – the internet has made this task/hobby infinitely more simple due to all of the couponing website – I feel as though all I do is clip and shop! The rest is done for me! Loving it!

  4. As a Digital Mom, how has technology and social media empowered you to strike a better work life balance?

    Technology has definitely helped me strike a better work life balance by organization and being able to find things in an instant (well aside from my mind, that I lose more often than I would like to admit and takes forever to find). Being a mom of 3, very engaged in my kids lives as well as my husband, my own and my online happenings it’s very easy to not have time to organize and thing of the things we must have daily. Things like dinner. I have go to recipes that I can cook in an instant off the top of my head but those get old and boring. I don’t have a bunch of extra minutes in my day to peel through recipe books to find something new and fun so that is a big part of what makes my life a little easier and more balanced. I simply type in the ingredients I have or the recipe I want and voila the internet brings it up in a nano second.

    Technology also helps me not over book or book things at the same time with my kids. I can simply pull up my cozi or iPhone calendar and check the day going ons for as far in advance as I need to so if two of my children have something going on at the same time I can schedule accordingly or make sure not to make my appointments at the time their 5th grade or kindergarten graduations are. Those are moments you won’t get back so being able to keep from overbooking myself is definitely something else technology has helped me to strike a better work life balance. My kids and work are my life but one definitely takes precedence over the other and that is why it is essential for me to have technology to make my children’s and my life go more smooth and much easier.

    Not to mention my kids love technology and it keeps them entertained while teaching them when I am busy cooking dinner and have to take a few moment away from them.

  5. As a Digital Mom, how has technology and social media empowered you to strike a better work life balance?

    My combined roles as breadwinner and primary caretaker of my child would not be possible without technology and social media.

    Technology allows me to work on my terms. In my field, I earn my paycheck by worknig a certain number of hours (although I work part-time, this number is in excess of 40 per week). In order to maximize how much time I spend with my baby, I often log this hours in the middle of the night. No matter when I choose to be in the office, I need to remain available from 8-6 for last-minute projects and questions. This is made possible entirely from a remote access program that I can run on my (very slow) computer at home, which gives me access to the same resources I have when I am in the office. Thanks to remote access, I am able to spend most of the day with my little guy. If the office has an emergency, I can put him down for a short nap or hold him in my lap while I’m problem-solving. He can hardly tell that I work hard to support our family.

    Technology does not just offer me a work-life balance solution, but it also helps me make sure my child stays connected with his extended family. My husband and I were blessed to live near our extended families growing up. However, our jobs require us to live hundreds of miles away from even our close relatives. Still, family plays a large role in our lives and we want our children to feel that same family connection. We rely heavily on Facebook and our blog to keep our families updated on our baby’s milestones and activities. We even dial up our baby’s great-grandparents on Skype!

    As you can tell, my life is made possible thanks to technology. Thank you for considering me (and my super-slow laptop) for this giveaway!

  6. Jillian Heenan says:

    As a Digital Mom, how has technology and social media empowered you to strike a better work life balance?

    I wouldn’t say I am a hugely a Digital mom, though I would like to be! I don’t have a fancy phone, just one that I can peruse the internet a little here and there. I use it to check my facebook and text, and keep in touch tith my husband and children while am at work. I have a beautiful iMac, but unfortunatly it’s on the other side of the house away from where everyone usually gathers. I have tried to start many blogs, only to fail because I didn’t like the fact that I had to be confined to one room in order to write. I see what Audrey and Colleen and Vera have done with blogging and vlogging and I am so envious, because that is something I would LOVE to do on a regular basis, but is impossible as of right now.

    When I do get a chance to get on my home computer, I am usually scouring the internet for the best deals on things for my family and my self, or pouring over the many blogs that I have bookmarked, or reading (my addiction!) I turn to the internet for recipes and fun activities. I have even found a close knit group of friends that have all had a baby arounf the same time as I and we babble about milestones and tantrums, if it weren;t for them I’m no sure I would have made it through the last 2 years!

    Having a laptop will give me alot more freedom to do what I enjoy and that is writing. I’ll be able to sit with my kids in the living room and while we are watching a movie, type up some notes, ot while on vacation, I won’t feel so disconnected to the world (though that is good thing sometimes!)

  7. As a Digital Mom, how has technology and social media empowered you to strike a better work life balance?
    For me current technology affords me the opportunity to work when and where I want. I can easily work on my laptop while sitting next to my kids on the couch or wait until they are in bed so I don’t miss any extra time with them. Also, having a smart phone lets me get out of the house even on days when I’m waiting for an important email.

  8. Marina Oliva says:

    Having a laptop and access to social networking sites not only allows me to keep in contact with the outside world while I am at home caring for my special needs daughter, but it also allows me to attend college online and run my business from home. I don’t know what I would do if I had no internet access….possibly go broke, stay uneducated and friendless! LOL. I hope I win this giveaway, as my old laptop is not as up to speed as it should be and I don’t have the means to get a new one now. Thanks and God bless.

  9. Brandy says:

    Technology has empowered me so much, It helped me keep in contact with my hubby through emails while he was deployed in Iraq. Now that he is working on his PHD I don’t get out much, so I started blogging and through technology I have been able to make great friends, and resources for parenting. I have also been able to use technology to make a little profit, nothing to be able to help with living exspenses but it does help. I love having a laptop, even though its on its last limb as my screen is cracked. I can chase my 3 kids all under the age of 7 while being able to work on the computer, which let me tell you is a life saver, my kids are all over the place. The most important reason Technology has helped me is keeping in touch. I now live in Long Island and my parents live in AZ, and all my other family lives in CA. The computer is my way of showing my family (no one in my family except my mother has met my kids) pictures, videos and more.

    Thanks for the contest.

  10. As a Digital Mom, how has technology and social media empowered you to strike a better work life balance?

    As a Digital Mom, technology and social media are critical components to managing my company, Colby Strategic Marketing, my lifestyle and my family. My laptop is a daily vehicle where all of my business takes place from email to social networks, public relations sites and media relations. My mobil device (iPhone) serves a dual purpose for managing hot priorities for my clients via email, phone calls, texting, social apps while keeping my children a top priority in my life by using the Cozi family calendar and several apps for them to play while I’m finishing up a quick meeting. The Cozi family calendar app from Family Circle Magazine keeps my business and personal schedule all in one place – which is a time saver! I’m often finishing conference calls in the car on the way to my children’s events or responding to critical emails in the preschool parking lot. Case in point: Last Saturday morning I gave away several prizes via a facebook contest I was running while managing a boat show in Mystic Connecticut and a New York Heritage Weekend event in New York State all from a soccer field in a shoreline town in Connecticut. Still saw my son score a goal and played with my daughter on the sideline! Incredible! Netflix; need I say more? Technology is a full requirement for todays sophisticated Mom!

    Thanks to Audrey, Colleen and Intel for offering The Digital Mom Handbook Sony VAIO with Intel(r) Core(TM) i5 processor prize. (My current laptop has an Intel(r) Centrino(r) Duo processor – which could certainly use an upgrade!) Technology has truly, completely changed my life for the better and I’d be thrilled to win a new laptop that would surely build upon my current digital success! Thanks!


  11. Abbey says:

    Thanks to technology and social media I am able to gain a little income by working from home and as a result be right here everyday to spend time with and raise my one-year-old son. Ever since I’ve met Audrey and Colleen they’ve been an inspiration on how to create a great work/home balance. It’s amazing moms like them that gave me the courage to try freelancing and I am so thankful that I did. I can’t imagine only seeing my little boy only in the mornings and evenings!

    While I wouldn’t trade it for the world, I do have to say that I find maintaining of the work/life balance a little tricky. I find myself checking emails round the clock. I would like to make more of an effort to set boundaries and unplug regularly so that I’m not just here but actually present. Look forward to reading the book!

  12. Marilyn Wons says:

    The internet for e-mail and facebook has given me added time for my daily chores. The internet has made it so much easier than playing phone tag and depending on the postal service for messages.

  13. Margaret Smith says:

    As a Digital Mom, technology and social media has helped me with a better family life and a better work life. Technology has enabled me to do much of my work at home. Thereby, letting me spend time with my kids. Technology also lets me to be able to go out places with the kids, while still being available to address any concerns or questions that may come up with work. My schedule has become much more flexible because of technology. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do if it wasn’t for the advancements in technology that lets me be more mobile and capable of working at any location at any time I desire.
    Thank you so much for this really wonderful giveaway.

  14. Janice Whitaker says:

    Email and messenger has helped me keep in touch with my office when the kids are sick. Even when I go on vacation..ok that one dosent happen a lot.

  15. trisha says:

    As a Digital Mom, how has technology and social media empowered you to strike a better work life balance?
    As a Digital mom, I lead more than just my household every day. First and foremost I have been online in some capacity, boutique, forum, or blog owner, for over 6 years. Throughout the time, I have been self-taught from the smallest SEO tip to the largest HTML makeover and the rapid advance of options that are available from the most savvy cameras to the quick-to-take tablets, combined with voices all over with expertise I can access through the power of social media, has allowed me to grow in an immense number of ways without formal education. For me, it’s not just important, but imperative, to share ideas with my community for their own personal growth. As much as I receive, I also try to give to the other digital women around me.

    In my personal household, being able to find the item that works the best or the most efficient has opened up doors to how much time I spend working during the days, keeps me “off” on the weekends, and keeps my site running to full capacity whether I am present or not. Over the summer this has become a priority and being a 7 month pregnant mom, its even more important that I continue to balance and budget my time.

    Currently my laptop is 9 years old and the screen lays flat on the ground…and considering its not a tablet, that isn’t a good thing. While I feel overly blessed with having the items I have earned from hard work, I am always light years behind in technology and would love for once to be advanced enough to write a blog post from the coffee shop or do something as simple as share photos of my daughter on facebook with my family, all from the best Sony available.

    Thank you for the chance!


  16. As a Digital Mom, technology and social media have empowered me and provided balance by helping me to find a new outlet for my pre-kiddo career in a post-kiddo setting! Prior to having children our goal was for me to stay home with our future kids. This goal was lined with picket fences and tulips along with lots of play dates, crafts and many home-cooked meals. The reality was in order to HAVE the picket fence and to make the car payments to GET to the park for play dates you need the CASH!

    **ENTER using skills from my previous work in public relations and marketing to fulfill a want ad posted on a local mom forum from an Ad Guy (THANK YOU AD GUY!)**

    Two and a half years later and a few clients deep, I’m now a full time work from home mom. I manage social media outreach for brands and LOVE IT! However, I couldn’t do it without my smartphone, laptop and iPad. My ability to be mobile whether it’s at the park, in the yard or on the couch with a sick kid is priceless!

    We have the picket fence and make it to play dates during the work week because I can balance my work and their play with these tools and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  17. Michael S says:

    easier to stay in touch with staff if they need assistance or have questions while still spending time with family & friends.

  18. NerdMom says:

    I couldn’t do what I do without technology!!! Then again, I may not want to blog if there wasn’t tech;).

  19. Kathy Luman says:

    Computer Technology has helped me with my job. I am an Auditor and I use the computer constantly. The technology keeps getting better and better and making my job less stressful and easier. Yah for Technology and computers:0

  20. Brianne A. says:

    As a Digital Mom, technology and social networking has allowed me to work from home and raise my now 9 month old son. (I found out about the job on social networking forums for new mothers!) He is my first, so being able to witness every single little thing he does is the BEST gift I have ever been given.

  21. Jessica says:

    Motherhood can be isolating. Whether you stay at home, like I used to, or you work, like I do now. It’s hard to find time to connect with other people when your child is small and needs constant attention.

    Social media is my secret to keep from being isolated. Not only does it give me a community of other mothers to talk to and learn from, it’s a portal for making new friends. This is especially important if I want to have more friends than just other moms. Social media doesn’t care if I have a kid or not. It allows me to present myself as I am and make friends with anyone, kids or not.

    It’s so important for me to continue to be fulfilled and not lose track of who I am. That’s why I love social media.

  22. Nancy says:

    Technology and social media, wow, two years ago I was clueless (and compared to some of the younger moms probably still have a huge learning curve!) but a two years ago I was laid off right when I was planning my daughter’s wedding (right, great timing huh?) so I converted my wedding planning into wedding blogs and my foray into social media began. One blog on general planning, one cakes, one favors etc. Social Media and technology let me connect with other businesses, brides and their families and help them connect and plan great weddings that reflect the bride and groom’s unique outlook on life. Social media keeps me connected with everyone in my world and make newe friends–I love it! Through social media I’ve made friends around the world, it’s like travel on a microchip! I’ve always wanted to write and I love connecting with others, social media fulfills both these needs. And I’m not shy about giving my opinion (again, a perfect fit for social media!) Without technology social media as we know it today wouldn’t exist–going without connecting for a few days is major withdrawl time! Smartphones, laptops pull it all together and bring business and friends together and let us all keep in touch. Great technology like the Sony Vaio make it easy to take my work and my community with me everywhere I go. What more could a woman ask for?

  23. Pat says:

    I came late to technology and social media because of my age but both have helped me from bill-paying to closer relationships with family and friends.

  24. Jo Ashline says:

    When my firstborn Andrew was diagnosed with autism and epilepsy at the age of 2, I felt isolated and alone. The true implications of what it meant to parent a special needs child hit me like a Mack truck, and I began to turn to alcohol to numb the growing ache in my heart and silence the fears that were taking over my life. I became a recluse and shunned family and friends away, my only companion the Merlot I relied on each afternoon.

    Eventually I got sober; I’m one of the lucky ones. But I have never forgotten the pain and loneliness I felt when I was first beginning to navigate this daunting new world of special needs and I know that each day there is a new mom out there somewhere who feels as if her life is falling apart around her.

    My greatest passion, other than my family, is to be able to reach out to as many of these mothers as I possibly can, and let them know that they aren’t alone, that they will survive, and despite the immense heartbreak they are now enduring, that they will feel joy again.

    It is through digital medial that I am able to connect with these moms, and help them believe that though their lives will never be the same again, they will be lives worth fully living.

    Whether it’s through an online article, blog post, Twitter or Facebook, digital media has allowed families such as mine, families that often feel overlooked and misunderstood, to be heard, understood, and united on a global level, not only through our tragedies, but through our triumphs as well.

    So it was only natural that when my son Andrew, now in his ninth year of life, was unexpectedly diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis last fall, I turned to the community I worked so hard to build through digital media for support.

    And I was not disappointed.

  25. LuAnn G says:

    Technology and social media allow me interact with my daycare families in a new way. I can message them with questions and concerns throughout the day. Sending a cute photo of their child in the middle of the day is a nice treat they have told me.
    I also have been able to reach out and reconnect with lost classmates. Actual reunions don’t happen very often, so this has been a great way to reconnect and stay in touch.

  26. As a Digital Mom, how has technology and social media empowered you to strike a better work life balance?

    OMG. I have to say first, I am such a tech freak. I don’t know where I would be without it! My daughter, who is now 10 years old, is following right behind me. She purchased her own iPod touch with money saved from Birthday and Christmas and allowances. Now that she has her own form of communication, when she is at her dad’s or anywhere that she can hook into wi-fi, she will shoot me a text to say hi and that she loves me, or even to see what we are doing on the next weekend she is with me. She also jumps on Twitter and will tweet at me to let me know she’s thinking of me, or any other reason. I do the same back to her :)

    Having technology available to us this way definitely helps single parents who don’t get to see their kiddo’s daily. I always call her to talk, but will also shoot over a random text or tweet letting her know I am thinking of her. I feel that technology and social media have given me extra avenues to “see” my daughter when I want to and let her see me when she wants to.

    With technology as well, comes help of organization. We can check our schedules wherever we are so we know what we need to do to situate our lives around activities or events so we do not become overwhelmed. Does that sound like we need to schedule downtime? Absolutely! Busy lifestyles are a way of life these days. Why not take full advantage of what is available to us to help make our lives easier?

  27. As a Digital Mom, how has technology and social media empowered you to strike a better work life balance?

    I can take my kids wherever they need to go and still keep up to date with my employer who lives in England via my phone, my VA team mate via Skype or gmail chat and I can take my bosses’ email with me when I’m on the go. Which is a lot.

    I can take my son to his therapy sessions weekly and rather than just sit there with nothing to do I can work on my blog, on business, or even balance my checking account while I’m out simply by taking my laptop along.

    I keep my contacts, my calendar, all appoints right at my fingertips at all times with the help of technology. I can even shop without ever having to step into a store.

    And education, research or just keeping the kids occupied in a waiting room can all be done while waiting. Which if you’ve ever had to occupy two kids in a waiting room you know how great technology is at that point.

    Talk about convenience! Work, home, on the road with technology I’m covered no matter where I am.

    But I think one of the things I like best are the special connections I’ve made online, my online friends who support me and are there whenever I need some support, virtual hugs or just someone to chat with.

  28. Penny Snyder says:

    As a Digital Mom, I’ve learned how, thru technology, to perform at work daily, organize better at home, at stay in touch with long-lost friends much more quickly!!

  29. barbara says:

    To appreciate the leaps and bounds I have made with respect to tecnology, I must relate a true, if embarrassing ocurrence I have yet to live down. A professional nurse, and mother of two, I have always been an avid reader, lover of word games and puzzles…(not of the electronic kind…back then, I was the one voted most likely not to program a VCR, yes, even to enter the time! And, forget using the remote to operate it…! ) Anyway, it gets worse…My son was 12 and loved strategy “computer” games, the two, then, entitled THE BEAST WITHIN, and THE LIGHTHOUSE, caught my interest as I peeked over his shoulder, eventually getting close enough to make suggestions, and advance play. BUT_I never touched it, until one fateful day, when on a weekday off, housework completed, and having time, I was drawn to the beast, on the desk, pushing the button that started the resonance of mechanical breathing. Heart beating wildly I proceeded with play very proud I did not CRASH anything, at least not as far as I could tell. Things were going along, the hand control, rolling over that little mat, and the little arrow, working simultaneously, until it came to the far right end of the screen, when brace youself…I carefully lifted the mat making certain I did not break contact to replace it, to the middle of the desk. OH OH, the arrow did not do the same! Luckily my panic was assuaged as it luckily coincided with my son coming in from school…Assessing my problem, he laughed til he cried, breathlessly advising me to, “give it up!,” which I did for years until informed my nursing job was to transition to PAPERLESS, UGH, but that’s a whole other story! Suffice that from that early date I have grown to love the Beast on the desk and for anyone out there, still, intimidated –don’t be, it is an irreplaceable tool for information, fun, learning, essential to have at your fingertips a beacon to assist, and support much like a light from a lighthouse! It’s what brought me here, today!

  30. Timmy says:

    As a Digital Hare, technology and social media have made my life easier by allowing me to finish my work quicker so I may spend more time with my bunnies!

  31. Gail Crawford says:

    The technology makes my current work go smoother and faster

  32. Soha Molina says:

    With MyPc I can work at hom on my office PC and that lets; me more available for my family.

  33. nickie says:

    Technology has helped me in so many ways from keeping my sanity by staying in touch with friends to helping with cleaning improvement secrets. When I’m out of craft idea’s for my son I can always find the latest activites online. I couldn’t imagine life without technological advances and I’m truely greatful for it.


  34. Theresa Jenkins says:

    I know I would have loved to have the Technology that my girls injoy now when they were growing up…whole house sercurity , it lets you know when anyone comes or goes and you can see this all from your computer at work.(you can see when the kids come home from school);you can use skype to see and talk to everyone at home;Accu tracking on the kids phone and car;portable devices and wireless >>the computer goes where the kids are,the backyard,kitchen and my cell phone goes where I am;all the kitchen tech to make my life easyer and the entertainment gadgets that make all our lives more enjoyable and one click shopping and bill paying >>I can shop for that wedding gift on lunch at work and pick it up on the way to the wedding and pay for it all with one click and never have to worry about late fees with autopay…right now my life is being grandma nanny to soon to be 5 grandkids while learning to use all this technology at 50+.In the mean time I fell my daughters are to dependent on technology.I take care of 4 kids all day with no cell phone but let them go without for an hour and thier crazy people wondering what thier going to do!But they never once asked me how I do it all day .

  35. Jeff says:

    Social media has helped me keep in touch with co-workers and family. The instant messaging capabilities is very useful.

  36. Gayle Fedelia says:

    As a Digital Mom I have been able to use technology to simplify life and have instant access to things such as weather, recipes, shopping, connecting and the list goes on. I have been able to do save time and money by having instant access to the latest sales and trends and information. In addition, social media has been fantastic as a way to connect with others. As a busy mom I don’t always have the time to pick up the phone to call a friend or shoot a quick email, however with Facebook and Twitter I am able to connect in real time with my friends lists and followers, respectively. Through Facebook I was able to connect with an old friend who shared an amazing network marketing opportunity with me that has changed my life. I have been able to strike a balance between being able to reach out to friends and networking via social media and I cannot overemphasize what a powerful tool social media is.

  37. jenny says:

    I absolutely love how technology has made life a little easier. You can quickly send out a text to your friends and family on a break at work, can facebook friends that have moved far away, of course e-mail as well…I just think it keeps us more connected, and as a busy mom I can appreciate that!

  38. paige chandler says:

    Technology has saved me so much tine so I can have a better quality of life with my family. No more time consuming long phone calls and letting my fingers do the walking for knowledge and research. I love my computer and my family I think my computer loves me by rewarding me with extra time.

  39. Lynda E. says:

    I can work from home if I need to stay home when my son is sick, and it’s so much easier to keep in touch with my family far away; I can do other things instead of talking on the phone.

  40. Karla T says:

    Flexible work arrangements! No longer is there a need to be in the office “putting in time”. I can work efficiently from my home, a coffee shop and even from my phone (if need be).

  41. mamikaze says:

    As a Digital Mom, how has technology and social media empowered you to strike a better work life balance?

    Social media helps me save time and money on marketing. The power of word-of-mouth in social media keeps my work calendar full so I don’t have to use time I don’t have on advertising. It also makes it easier for me to connect with my kids, and clients!.

  42. Cynthia C says:

    Technology saves me so much time by enabling me to research products and prices online instead of spending hours and gas going from store to store. It also helps me keep in contact with family and friends which is important for mental health!

  43. Lizzy says:

    I would die without technology! Okay, maybe not die…but, my poor family would be hungry, lost, naked, and bored. Hungry? From ordering pizza online to groceries for delivery when everyone had the flu, my computer gets us fed…not to mention mapping nearby restaurants on my phone and then yelping for reviews when we’re out and about. Lost? Google maps & navigation…enough said. Naked? Well, technically, only my 5 year old who is on a clothing strike would be naked. But, with very specific clothing (thank you Hanna Andersson Unders!), I can get her to be presentable enough for perschool. Getting her hair combed is a different story. But, at least I receive email coupons from the local kids’ hair salon. Bored? As bad as it sounds, sometime I’ve got to use it to distract the kids. Nothing beats on-demand tv on the cell phone when a 3 year old is getting allergy testing..or, getting into last minute meetups ( with the local mom’s group. Everyone loves a quick geocaching adventure when we’re in a new area (there’s a great geocaching app). Finally, it allows us to get out of Costco without buying one of everything. While shopping, I check for prices and reviews to see if something is worth buying. Who really wants to drag three kids back to the store for returns?
    While I may not “work,” technology certainly makes my “mom job” much easier!

  44. Karla T says:

    Ok, so I reread what I was SUPPOSED to be doing if I wanted a shot at winning this laptop, so hear goes. Ignore my last comment so that I can expound here:

    So there I was, on the brink of my second maternity leave when I realized, “I can’t work like this my whole life”. Like this meant, in an office environment where someone else was creating my tasks and carving out my career path. So, WHILE on maternity leave, I launched my online store I had to do it online because I NEEDED to work. Two kids in daycare, rental properties and a lifestyle that I have grown accustom to forced me to maintain a job. But the online storefront provided me a veil on anonymity that allowed me to be a powerful entrepreneur that made decisions, took meetings and carved out my own path. I could email customers and vendors, take meetings on Skype and portray a full-time career (which was important b/c I wanted people to take me serious and not think it was just a side gig) that was required for the success of this business.

    As I was churning away at the office, my little store was quietly making a name for itself. Yet, everyday, I showed up for work and performed. What my business did for me at work was surprising. It filled in all of the spaces that a regular 9-to-5 left empty. It made me feel powerful and whole. Like I could use my ENTIRE brain, for lack of a better phrase. Had it not been for the digital environment, I would not have had the opportunity to branch out as quickly and as strongly as I did. My store now ships to 15 different countries and has appeared in People’s Celebrity Baby Blog.

    Now, in my life, I fell totally fulfilled in my work-life. That translates into total life balance. I am happy and fulfilled and it was through technology that I was afforded this amazing and blessed opportunity.

  45. Ashley says:

    As a digital mom, technology has helped me be able to do my schoolwork from home rather than needing to be on campus. I have been able to take online classes which gives me the freedom to work whenever I’d like and still be able to spend the entire day with my son. I’m glad that I can work on my graduate degree and still be a full-time mom this might not always be the case as I eventually go out into the workforce, but right now I am loving both roles!


  46. When my Husband and I first started talking about having kids, we knew that there would be one stay at home parent. We did not want to put our kids in day care. My Husband found a great full time job, so he works and I stay home.

    I love my children (2 boys-5&2) and I love being at home with them, but I need to feel like I am contributing to this family more then just babysitting!! I work part time at the post office, but I didn’t feel like I was doing enough for my family financially. I started entering blog giveaways a little over a year ago, to try to win some neat new items as Christmas gifts to cut down on some expenses. Then I started following coupon bloggers, and learned how to be an awesome couponer to save my family even more money.

    After a short time of following other bloggers, and seeing all the fun things they did, and got to review. I wanted to do that too. I started my blog in December of 2009, but didn’t really get it up and running until April of 2010. Once I set my mind to it, I turned it into something I can be really proud of. I work with some awesome companies and fellow bloggers. I have almost 1800 followers and am still growing steadily.

    I just started working with Disney, and came back from a great conference this past March in Disney World. I am heading to NY in two weeks for another awesome electronics conference.

    I greatly enjoy what I do, and the best part is that I can do it, while still being a stay at home mom!!!

    Thank you for the chance to win!!

  47. SANDY says:

    I am able to work, shop and run the country from the comfort of my home- ok so my country. I am not superblogger but I do do work from home and at this point grateful for that and being home with my kiddos

  48. Monique Rizzo says:

    For me it has helped me stay in closer communication with my daughters teachers. If there is a problem, she emails me right away and we work things out.
    Thanks for the chance.

  49. Denise B. says:

    It really has had no effect on me as related to “work life”. As a stay-at-home homeschooling mother it has helped me make wiser purchases and save money. I use price comparison sites, print up coupons and rebates, send for freebies, and use coupon codes. I am also able to stay connected better with friends.

  50. Izzie says:

    Digital life has freed me in so many ways! Now, we don’t have to drive hours to see family; we use Skype (although we still make the drive, but we can just see everyone more often this way).

  51. BM says:

    Due to technology, I can always be in contact with my family when I am work by cell phone.

  52. sustahl says:

    Social media and technology have helped me in numerous ways. First, I am able to easily find a recipe for any ingredient I want to use, instead of flipping through recipe books. It also enables me because I can literally have information at my fingertips. So many places have wi-fi now, so I can look up anything I want on the internet. I can bring my laptop with me to find cheap hotels or cars.

    I am so thankful that I live in this age where information is at my fingertips!

  53. Tarah says:

    I work full time & am blessed to have my in laws watch our son during the day. I miss him so they often send pictures through the day. It’s not the same as cuddling him but when work stresses me out there is nothing like seeing his smiling face through an email to calm me down.

  54. Without technology and social media I would not be able to work from home. Period. Or more specifically, do the work that I love from home. I specialize in public & media relations and now, social media management. I use social media as professional development by participating in twitter chats within my industry and by reading professional blogs and finally, by reading & viewing content on Facebook & YouTube within my field of expertise. I have remained current and have grown professionally while being a stay-at-home mom and now that I am a blessed work-at-home mom I have been able to cultivate clients and business relationships via twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.

    But what may be even more important, at least for me, is what I’ve been able to do with social media personally. I moved across country five years ago. I was very used to being highly connected both professionally and personally in my home town. I could pick up the phone and make important media & public relations connections because I was well known in my field in my service area. Moving nearly 2 thousand miles away changed all that for me. I didn’t know one person in my new hometown. I missed my friends. I began to use twitter, facebook and LinkedIn with regularity. I developed wonderful friendships in my new town first online. Slowly I met those friends IRL. My social calendar was very quiet for the first two years after our move. Five years later, I tend to not have enough hours in the day because of all the wonderful friends I’ve met in my area online. Bonus? I keep in touch with my friends & family across the country via Facebook. Sharing photos and videos is the next best thing to being there. Being in a different time zone by two hours of my home town also presents challenges in talking on the phone. Facebook solves that.

    So, for me, technology and social media have been a lifeline to establishing a wonderful work/family balance. I am much happier having met new friends and colleagues via the net and now in person. My family benefits daily from the work I am doing and from their momma & wife being happy and engaged again.

  55. lance says:

    This could be my 1st. lap top!!!

  56. Jessica says:

    As a digital mom social media helps me connect with others who have more experience and know-how so I don’t have to spend endless hours searching for information when I can just ask someone online. Plus it helps build relationships with people I may otherwise never get to meet.

  57. girlymama says:

    due to technology, i AM able to have a work-life balance! without being able to work from home, i would be working. i worked for non-profits my whole career, so once i had childcare expenses to cover, working didn’t make financial sense for me. but with working from home, i can!!

  58. Heidi Gail says:

    I use my computer to stay in touch with my children, grandchildren, other relatives, and friends who have busy lives . I use it to keep touch with reality and what’s going on in the world. I love being online and in touch.

  59. Tara Barry says:

    The Technology Age. It seems every day they come out with a new device that solves all of your problems. Sounds like a scam right? I say it is not a scam. The technology availabe helps me complete my work at home so I can be with my daughter. Technology helps me connect with work and family in a fast and efficient way. Technology enables me to solve problems and complete chores quickly. Most of all I think the best thing about having all of this technology at your fingertips is that you can continually educate yourself right at home. Anything I want to learn I can find online. What a great thing to have.

  60. Chalyn Coleman says:

    Being a digital mom has worked out great for me. A few years ago I was able to start my own business from home while being a full time mom and working full time. The extra money was well appreciated and since I was able to work at any hour I squeezed it in without taking too much time away from my son.

  61. CarolinaMama says:

    Congratulations Audrey and Colleen! Technology effects and enhances every area of our home and lives. As a Mom Blogger and Home School Mom, we rely on technology for our school, work and home! I love that I can be home with my family and still write like I love and keep up. I can Skype, attend a Webinar, or a conference call all from the convenience of my home. This presence makes all the difference. And I get to meet and work with coll ladies like you!! Mwhaaaa! Cheers y’all!

  62. I am a part time nurse and full time mom with somewhat limited digital technology skills. I can use my smart phone, which I find that I cannot live without. I use it to keep my schedule for myself, my husband, and my two boys straight. I love facebook to keep up with what is happening with friends and family without having to spend countless hours on the phone, which could be spent doing much more fun things!! I am constantly looking up new recipes to keep my family interested at meal time. I use the internet constantly to help me with all sorts of “Mommy questions” that I need answers to immediately, like mysterious rashes that suddenly appear and to get us out of all sorts of sticky situations that my boys constantly get us into!!! A laptop would be so AWESOME!! I can’t even imagine all the possibilities. I also have my own Mary Kay business, which would help me to conduct business more efficiently. A laptop would transform my world from the mundane to the marvelous!! And it might bring me one step closer to achieving “Cool Mom Status”. Maybe…….:) LOL. Thank you for having this contest, how awesome and generous is that!

  63. Erica says:

    As a Digital Mom, how has technology and social media empowered you to strike a better work life balance?

    As a stay at home mom the last 8 months I have come to LOVE blogging and social media. I stumbled into it and it has become my passion. If it weren’t for technology and social media I might honestly go insane here with my kids. I’m sure every mom can understand that. Being able to use social media has given me my own online world that doesn’t consist of laundry, baby food, or dirty diapers. It’s so wonderful to be able to lock myself in my room at night when the kids go to bed while hubby watches baseball, and enjoy this online love of mine that is centered around social media such as Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Google Friend Connect, and Yahoo. I’ve found something fun, that allows me to write freely and meet amazing people, fellow bloggers, and companies! However, my computer has seen it’s better days. I’d love to have a new one. Thanks so much for this amazing giveaway!

  64. Running a successful blog with my best friend has allowed me to work the hours that I want. We have had more fun together than a normal job allows.

  65. Marie says:

    My kids are now teenagers and I have a lot of experience with juggling two kids, a busy full-time job and working with my husband to start up a company of our own. The digital world has helped me out with all of this fun by allowing me to work from home when my kids are sick (or myself for that matter). My job requires me to be at the office a lot of the time, but I can carry on when my kids need my attention. As soon as our kids started taking buses, they were equipped with smart phones. We can text while I am away at work, and they can set my mind at ease with a quick text or call when the bus runs late. It’s fun to text the kids & my husband when I am away with work for up to the minute “whatchadoin’” stuff. We sent about 100 texts & some pictures last time I was away. Facebook is another way to keep in touch with friends & family. We had a get together with highschool friends a few months ago – I hadn’t seen many since graduation. If it was not for social media, this may not have happened. It’s a great way to keep up with out of town family & feel more a part of their lives.

    I also researched our business online, finding tons of resources that allowed me to be prepared for decisions, meetings and more. I even set up a Facebook page for our business. A new laptop would be awesome – I could enjoy our summer while catching up on my laptop in the great outdoors (ok – the backyard)!

  66. Michael Erickson says:

    none, just need a laptop

  67. Amelia says:

    Not only am I blogger, social media expert agent (I negotiate the contracts!) and VP of International Sales and Marketing for a company but I am a mother. I would never be able to balance my work life and motherhood at the same time without technology. When I am having mommy/daughter time, I of course want my attention focused on her but we all know there are times when we are waiting on that important deal to come through and having smart phones, laptops, etc help us stay connected without being away from our families 100%. If this technology did not exist, there’s no way I could use my creative skills to build my business as well as care for my daughter. I have the best of both worlds. That’s the beauty of technology.

    Not to mention, it’s really cute to see my 17 month old with a toy cell phone to her ear and typing away on her play laptop because that’s what she sees mommy doing. Did I mention she can already unlock an Iphone and choose the application she wants to open and play and close it when she’s done. So not only am I helping myself but technology is helping my daughter learn skills extremely fast.

  68. Tina M says:

    I feel very secure about my family having a good smart phone plan. I can keep track of where they are at all times. I can see what all of their friends are up to via facebook. It makes me feel safe to know what is going on in their life. With technology like this I don’t have to be a invasive mom. I can let the technology do the work, and keep me in the loop. I think it’s important to keep up with growing technology. Your kids will always be up to date, so I like to keep up with them.

  69. Holly says:

    It’s definitely made me more organized, I cannot express how much having digital calendars on my computer and phone help out!

  70. Julia says:

    I am truly a digital Mom, I have worked at home in telecommunications since 2006. My grown children think this is wonderful since I am usually home and I can search for them if they are driving around or doing other things. My oldest daughter is a Realtor and while she is driving clients to one property, she is subject to call me and tell me about another property that she thinks might be better. I find the property and send her a client sheet so that she can also show that property as well. My youngest daughter, the mother of the grandchildren will call about coupons and other sales while she is out and about. For many years I have worked with computers at work. My children made me bring technology home. My husband and I are entranced by the information available online. It allows us to find out about so many things of interest.

  71. CanCan says:

    I don’t have a smart phone but my iPod touch has helped me so much in both my home life and work life. I am a teacher and I use the camera to capture evidence of student learning that I have to include in their ePortfolio at the end of each semester. I take pictures of my kids and instantly email them to my parents who live 14,000 miles away.
    Oh, and when I learned that I can schedule tweets in advance on TweetDeck, it changed my life! No matter what time zone I am traveling in, I can still keep up with twitter parties!
    Technology has meant that I can be a part of life and work in the US even when I am physically in Southeast Asia. I am the world’s biggest technology and social media fan and I can’t imagine life without it!

  72. tracy davis says:

    I can now take my laptop and tele commute

  73. Danielle says:

    This Would Come in so handy! My Children Are Always On The Company Computer(we only own one) so it gets kind of risky when they go to their game sites and such. I would be able to give them(the kids) the desk top and take the Sony Laptop for the company. My husband And I are New to the Graphic design world and with the quality of SONY we know that every thing is in good hands. plus my Children are now at the age where they are always gone with friends, so to be able to keep in touch while on the go would be fantastic!
    So If you would please enter my self for this great promotion That would be much appreciated.
    Thank You

  74. Molly Capel says:

    I think technology has helped me keep up with being able to email all my kids’ teachers, make extra money on ebay, and instantly talk to my friends on the East Coast.

  75. elizabeth p says:

    Technology has allowed me access to more people, a faster way to interact with people who impact my life.

  76. Debra Hall says:

    As a Digital Mom, how has technology and social media empowered you to strike a better work life balance?
    well i no longer can work, because im disabled.but i do use social media to help other people apply for things like food stamps and ssi ,info on voting , job status,resume making. anything i can do to help others who are not pc savy

  77. Pauline Milner says:

    I have been a Professional Mediator for 15 years. Over that time period, technology and social media has increasingly made me more efficient at work, thus allowing me more treasured family time.

    I used to have to go to the court house to pick up the documents I needed, but now they are available to be printed online.

    My business services three regional areas. I have employed other mediators to cover the areas. We used to have to meet in person once a month, but now we use web resources to meet over the web. This allows for more time to see clients and greatly reduces travel expenses.

    Clients are able to communicate with me through various other means than over the phone or in person. This is one of the biggest time savers. I am able to address their concerns or questions via email at any time of the day or night. I like to get up early, around 5am, to start working, but I cannot call people at that time. Even though I cannot call, I can email them their responses.

    All of these technological changes has freed up more of my time to spend with my family. It is amazing how much more efficient my job has become and how much more precious family time I have.

    Thanks for offering this great giveaway. ~Pauline

  78. Shaina White says:

    I am not a professional mom, nor do I work outside of the home. But, I use social media, such as facebook, and various bloggs to stay informed on the issues affecting mothers in today’s society. I am a big advocated for natural child-birth and raising children in am organic lifestyle. I am able to read others thoughts and advice, as well as share my own. This giveaway would be a great tool for my house. We only have one computer and winning this would free up some time since I wouldn’t have to wait on my husband to use the computer at times.

    Thanks again for the giveaway.

  79. Daiva says:

    As a Digital Mom, how has technology and social media empowered you to strike a better work life balance?

    Right now I’m a stay-at-home mom. I do not work, but I use technology and social media daily. It is amazing how much information you can find online that allows me to take better care of my family, find needed support, make informed decisions (not just based on one person’s opinion), stay in touch with my family overseas and save money. I have used technology and internet to take online courses and I used them for work in the past. I also wish to I could go back to school and find an opportunity to work from home using my computer and internet that I could help provide income and take care of the family at the same time. (so my husband wouldn’t have to work as much as he does now and he could spend more time with us).

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  80. jolene says:

    the internet has made communicating so much easier that i’m able to accomplish more in my day and get to spend more time with my family

  81. Christina Z says:

    As a Digital Mom, technology and social media has empowered you to strike a better work life balance as I can be the Mom on the go juggling 20 things at once. I can be on twitter networking with Great ladies and companies I would not normally get to meet and on facebook catching up with my family posting pics of our latest park outing for Mom to see and catching the latest grocery deals and where to clip the latest coupons. I love technology and social media not sure how I would get done what I do without it.

    Thanks for the AWESOME chance to win.

  82. Karen S. says:

    Social media has been such a lifesaver for me. Wow, what can’t I do? My life has been simplified from everything to keeping in touch with precious people to bill paying in 10 minutes. Recipes found in seconds…………travel plans made…….I could go on! Thanks for the opportunity. I would love to win.

  83. Dee says:

    Technology and social media have been the “I-think I can” mantra playing in the back of my head since my second child was born in March. I made the hard decision in March to stay at home with my two kiddos, and thanks to technology I can still work and contribute to our household by freelance writing and serving as a consultant for companies looking for social media assistance. In addition, because of creative individuals, smart search engine optimization and people’s willingness to share about their lives, I get to share all that I have learned on the Internet with complete strangers, and in return inspire them. Pretty cool!

  84. Lud says:

    Social media helps me to keep in touch with friends and family more often and find different ways to connect and share. Its a constant reminder that there’s more than to life than work.

  85. As a Digital Mom, how has technology and social media empowered you to strike a better work life balance?

    Oh, where do I even begin?! Technology and social media has empowered me on so many levels as a mother and writer but also as an individual trying to find her place in life. I met and fell in love with my fiance on Twitter. And now, we are working on starting a social media business together based on our experience with blogging, facebook, vlogging, tweeting, twitpicking and more.

    As a mother of a little girl with a serious illness (tentatively diagnosed as diabetes right now with a chance of an underlying metabolic disorder as well) and as someone who suffers from chronic pain, I would be lost without technology and social media. I can be home for my little girl while earning a living and on the days when I am not feeling well, I can stay in my pajamas and do my work on my laptop (and I would LOVE for that laptop to be a VAIO with Intel!). Connecting with others via social media has opened up endless possibilities and opportunities to me in both my business and personal life! And it has given me the balance I need between my work and home responsibilities.

  86. Katherine says:

    Technology and social media has made the “mom job” so much easier! I know have more accessibility to coupons and fellow peers who can exchange advice and tips – it’s creating a whole new generation of “super moms!”

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  87. Charlene says:

    I blog, use facebook for family/animal artsy photos and use skype to stay in touch with family as i live on the west coast and rest of family is east… very much so… also email helps me with my transcriptionist work – faster replies/completion time…

  88. Renee Oliver says:

    Digital technology has helped me in so many ways. I work from home and place ads on several sites. I listen to webinar training from my company. I keep in contact with other team members via Face book, MSN messenger and email.
    Face book has allowed me to find long lost relatives and friends and allowed me to reconnect with them and plan future reunions. I keep in touch with my mom and siblings using my home phone, cell, email and social media. The best thing is being able to talk to my daughter away at school overseas via Skype. To be able to see her face and talk and laugh, show each other new things that we have acquired as gifts or bought ourselves. Almost as good as being together without the hugs and kisses : ( . I am able to order gifts for her and send them directly to her over the Internet. I am able to order everything for my home and only have to go to the store for perishables. I can even download music when I find a song I like. I especially like the freebies from Itunes.
    There are so many support sites for any problem you need and Google etc is amazing!
    I love my cell phone for keeping in touch with my teenager, knowing that she is safe on a moments notice. Great for sending virtual hugs and kisses too. Sometimes I wonder how we did it without technology. Sorry this is so long but I love my technology :D

  89. Margaret Porter says:

    Technology and social media have allowed me to keep abreast of changes in the world of healthcare. I belong to many associations and clubs who post on facebook and twitter. I would never be able to read all the articles in print that I receive throughout the year but headlines and news articles keep me aware of changes. Especially in the world of electronic medical records and e prescribing.

  90. Shanna says:

    Technology and Social. Media. Have helped me in many ways to balance my home life abd career. I have connected to new people, products, brands, mothers and I discovered a new home based xareer. I have had the ability to stay at home with my family. Ileft the workforce four years ago to care for my soon to be adopted ill infant. I was reluctantly planning my return to working outside of the home when I stumbled upon enjoying. Technology and Social. Media. I have begun a home based business, my blog, and even changed my college major and career goals. I am excited. to move forward with the future that Technology and Social. Media are making possible. I am studying Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Ecommerce while balancing an Ecommerce store, blogging and a business with my family life. Technology and Social Media have allowed me to begin a new career, stay home with my family,meet moms and interesting people while discovering new products, businesses, brands and causes. I have discovered mother. created businesses and Iam helping to support these businesses and the movement toward handmade products and envuronmentally friendly education and products. Winning this giveaway would allow me the ability to balance my career, my family and the care of my terminally ill father and disabled mother. I have been travelin to help to care for my parents while still maintaining my intermediate family. I remain connected with my family via telephone. However, when away from home, my education and career suffer due to my absence and inability to connect. I would like to move forward with mt career abd educational goals. It is reially challenging. to balance each of these roles without technology and social media. I would like to win this tool to build my career, complete my education and be better connected with my family while I physically must be absent. I thank-you for the consideration.

  91. Sara Phillips says:

    Technology and social media have allowed me to connect with so many different moms. I have learned (and continue to learn) about new products, new ways to get involved, ways to discipline (creatively) my kids if need be.

    I love using my blog to express my opinions, concerns and questions!

    Twitter and facebook have given me SO MUCH since I have allowed myself to play with them and now use them for twitter parties and connecting with companies. It’s amazing!

    One more great thing about technology – when you enter giveaways, you find out {almost} instantly if you won or not! Thank you for the chance! :)

  92. Azcomm says:

    With digital technology, I rely on my cell phone and my laptop to keep me connected with those who I do business with every day! And, I get to be with my kids and get them to their activities, especially during this hectic summer vacation time!

  93. Ashley Ruzin says:

    As a “Mommy Blogger” I am constantly on the move looking for new and unique products and ideas to share with my readers. With digital technology, I rely on my desktop and internet to provide me with the resources I need to get the job done. Even if its just identifying a yucky spider we find in the bathroom!

  94. Heather G says:

    as a digital mom technology has enabled me to be at the kids games, dance recitals plus run a successful business all while being able to stay at home with my children. We are able to travel when others are working or just get out and relax. It also helps keep 4 children in line while we are waiting for appts or just need a pick me up from old school mates. I do miss the days where kids played outside and phones didn’t ring in the middle of a camping trip. But the trade off is well worth being able to hang out with the kids 24/7

  95. Technology allows me to be a part-time WAHM. Laptop & VPN access keep me connected to the office servers. My iPhone gave me the freedom to go out & play with my girl, yet keep an eye on email. I can focus better on HER when I know no one needs me for a work crisis.



  96. hj says:

    I would say that social media and especially facebook and blogs have made me more socially connected and tuned into my community than I would have been without them. With facebook I can catch up with friends and watch their kids grow and share pictures and plans events together. Blogs keep me in touch with other moms and alert me to local kids events and sales on diapers. It makes my life a lot easier and more enjoyable.

    hmcnaron at gmail dotcom

  97. Wehaf says:

    I’m not a mom, but technology has allowed me to telecommute several days a week, reducing wasted time (in commuting) and increasing my comfort while working.

  98. Heather says:

    As a Digital Mom, how has technology and social media empowered you to strike a better work life balance? I find myself constantly tied to technology – which can be a double edged sword. Sometimes it helps me to connect with friends and family without added interruption to my family. Other times, I feel that I have to force myself to put the phone down so that I am not just spending time with my son, but actually being an active participant!

  99. eileen senatore says:

    OK, I guess I must admit that I need to win because I am not currently tech savy and want to learn more and utilize the digital tools. I’m still using a 1990s ere Palm V to manage my affairs and hooking up with my PC as backup. Help me migrate to the new digital age!

  100. Anissa says:

    I am a full time working mom, and my job requires that I use a computer and especially the internet to do my daily routine. I also use technology to interact with my husband and kids (while I’m at work) and also to keep in touch with my friends. I use online calendars to plan our activities, share pictures and videos with far off friends and family, read blogs to find fun things to do and to get advice, create spreadsheets to plan our family meals and so much more. Technology allows me to stay in touch and to stay organized, so I can spend my free time w/ my friends and family. I can’t imagine life without it!

  101. Jennifer Clark says:

    In this day and age the technology today has helped greatly being a mom and step-mother to 3 children. I’m able to keep in touch with other blogs, find parenting tips and I’m able to save and make money online. I’m new to couponing and I’m able to match and find awesome coupons and deals from coupon blogs. I have saved over $200.00 per month. Social Media keeps me connected everyday with friends family and co-workers. I work full-time and just don’t have to time to hunt down deals. My cell phone is my life! It’s the only way I can keep in touch on Facebook.

  102. Kathy Scott says:

    I am a CPA so I use technology for work, but my favorite hobby is entering contest. Social media makes this all the more fun.

  103. Alyssa says:

    As a Digital Mom, technology and social media are a big part in managing my life! I have connected to new people, products, brands, mothers and I discovered a new home based job where i can be at home make money and tend to my family. I blog, use facebook for family/animal artsy photos and use skype to stay in touch with family as i live on the west coast and rest of family is east so its nice to atleast be able to see them rather then not at all. the internet has made communicating so much easier that i’m able to accomplish more in my day and get to spend more time with my family. This computer would help me balance my work life and my family, i love social networking!

  104. Patricia says:

    As a Digital Mom technology has enabled me to have contact with others. Due to illness I do not get out much so being able to still socialize, shop, send pics to family and read blogs has enhanced my life. It is an outreach at its best.

  105. Randi K says:

    Technology is a huge part in my life! It has made life so much easier for since I am a SAHM to a wonderful 4 year old son and deal with an incurable stomach disease (Idiopathic Gastroparesis) daily. Let me tell you most days are HORRIBLE! My smartphone and laptop have saved me on many occasions in all different ways! First my phone obviously by helping get in touch with my doctors and family when I needed a sitter, but also to keep my son distracted if I’m not able to be at his beckon call. Of course my laptop has made it so I can vent and at least try to have some sort of social life. The laptop and not having an outlet is how I started my blogging. Which now has become a perfect thing for me to work on when I am stuck in bed on a bad day and not feel useless.

    I also want to congratulate both of you! and to thank you for such a great giveaway!

  106. Heman Duraiswamy says:

    The current technology/social media allows me to go anywhere!

    i do my works even im in travelling and my friends (in social websites) updating their current status will reach me everytime to my smart phone.

    i upload/download files from cloud storage to anywhere/anytime will helps a lot.

  107. As a Digital Mom, how has technology and social media empowered you to strike a better work life balance?

    Balance? We can have that?

    For me, it’s all about time. I schedule my day or the technology takes over… but, it’s technology itself that helps me schedule and keep track of, and make the best use of my time. Tools like Freshbook’s time tracking widget help me to track time spent on projects, automatically entering it into timesheets for projects to be billed at the end of the month. Hootsuite helps me manage Twitter accounts for me and my clients, as well as my personal Facebook, my FB page, and my LinkedIn accounts. Dropbox lets me share files with my clients, saving a lot of emailing back and forth, and also lets me access my files from any of my PC’s or even my phone. There are so many advances in technology now that save us time!

  108. anne says:

    Social media has transformed my life by making almost everything at my virtual fingertips. Everyday it affords me easy access to news, opportunities, chances to catch up with friends, and endless answers to my questions. It connects me with entrepreneurs, politically and socially like-minded people, and helps me to organize my on-line activism.
    Most important to me are environmental and animal issues. I have joined numerous animal rights, human rights, and civil rights non-profit groups. These organizations e-mail me on important legislative issues at the local, state, and federal level. I am provided a well-researched letter and am able to personalize it and submit to my representative.
    The most touching experience I have had so far is being able to network and cross-post n FaceBook to find a foster parent for a mama white German Shephard and her eight 4 wk old babies who were all stuck in a high kill shelter. They were to be euthanized in just under two hours when the posts started flying. Within this slim time frame we did locate a person to foster the dogs and their lives were saved.
    I would never be able to accomplish all these things and keep my sanity if the Internet and all its social resources weren’t around.

  109. As a Digital Mom, how has technology and social media empowered you to strike a better work life balance? –

    When I became a Mom, I left the working world behind to stay at home with my daughter. And I was lost. Like, completely lost. I had no idea how to spend my time, how to attend to this baby and how to have a life outside the 4 walls of my house. I mourned the loss of the life I used to have, and yearned to still be connected. 6 months after my first daughter was born, I began to blog. It started out as a silly thing I did to catalog recipes and share a few thoughts on my life as a parent. Soon, it became not only a recipe catalog, but an outlet. Thanks to the internet, my computer and Blogger, there was a world of people I was CONNECTED to. Communities of other bloggers. My friends and family who don’t stay home all day could check in with me. As a woman, I struggled to figure out her new identity as a stay-at-home mom . my VALUE as a person. But writing this blog – a blog people found WORTH reading – gave me a VOICE. It encouraged me. It EMPOWERED me. And it spurred me on to empower and encourage others. Because of technology and social media, the World of Mom is just a little bit closer, a little bit more real. It means that Mom’s – whether they are bloggers or blog readers or Facebookers or Twitterers or emailers or just plain ol’ web surfers – don’t have to be alone: they have each other. I felt like I had a purpose – that I was more than just merely the person who wiped bottoms and fed babies and cleaned the house. I had a story to tell – I am worth listening to. Leaving the working world, I felt like I had lost that. But because of these technological mediums, I’ve been motivated to keep blogging, build my worth AS a blogger. I’ll be honest: I’m still a D-list blogger. And I may never be more than a D-list blogger. But I’m learning. I’m growing. It may not be in the professional setting of a cubical with a boss. And who knows what kinds of “working world” my social media outlets may lead to. But I know wherever it leads, it will allow me to not have to sacrifice my kids and my home for Success and Personal Growth.

  110. Annette D says:

    Technology has helped me be more organized. I am an extremely busy mother of two sons and I spend my time volunteering at my son’s school, I was a co-director of Project Graduation this year, a Boy Scout Leader and of course a mother and wife. I am constantly on the go and technology helps me hold things together and make sure I am where I need to be and on time!

  111. Brandy says:

    Hi. Technology has came a long way. I am able to use my Android Smart phone to send emails, send text, and socialize on facebook. I work at a hotel, and I am able to take my laptop to work so that I can complete my school work at my job. I can watch television and socialize on facebook at the same time on my Vizio, internet capable TV.

  112. David ODonnell says:

    I can easily stay connected to co workers and managers in my off work time to stay connected and on top of my work duties..I can focus on my family during my off time better w/o getting behind at work..

  113. Steph says:

    For me, I have my blogs, my email, my social networks….digital media makes it so easy for me to stay in the loop, stay up to date on the latest happenings, and make sure that I still get all my work done. :P

  114. kim wachter says:

    it has really put me up to par with the technology in the modern world today and not only that but it has enabled, enabled being the key word here to do work like taxes but not only that but keep in touch with friends and family and being more sociable with everyone thank you guys by the way for this wonderful prize your so generous love you guys thank you

  115. sweeter the berry says:

    As a Digital Mom, how has technology and social media empowered you to strike a better work life balance?

    It allows me to get a lot done online. I have completed college classes, paid bills, and even shopped. It really helps to save more time so I can have more time to spend with my family. My computer is a genius.

  116. Annette D says:

    As a Digital Mom, how has technology and social media empowered you to strike a better work life balance?

    In this age of instant everything, technology allows me to keep up! When I was a kid, we had no computers, no cell phones, life was at a slower pace. Today, everything moves at the speed that information is transmitted. Cell phones and the internet are no longer a luxury, they are a necessity. We depend on technology in almost every aspect of our lives. My sons are teenagers and both are driving, I am so thankful for technology so that I can make sure that they are safe. It is very comforting to me to be able to call or text them anytime, any where. My family’s well being is the most important thing to me…technology allows me, as a mother, a certain peace of mind, knowing that I can be in contact with my sons with a touch of a button.

  117. I technically don’t work outside the home but do consider all I do to maintain the household somewhat of a job. I feel that techology has helped me in that I can do a lot more things from home – ie moving around money between bank accounts, shopping, interacting with friends. This gives me more time to spend with my family.
    Social media empowers me in that I can see what many woman in my position have achieved – they have fantastic blogs are known by millions of people, even if only by name. I find that very inspiring and I feel that even if I can’t match that achievement, I can hope to get close.

  118. Technology has helped me especially communicating with family and friends. Kids are pretty much on their own now and keep in touch through cell phones and even facebook! I also do lots of shopping on line and always use
    the comparison sites to see the best deals. Thank you for technology!

  119. Sylvia says:

    As a Digital Mom, how has technology and social media empowered you to strike a better work life balance?
    I have been able to telecommute when I need to, bringing my work with me when I have to travel for both business and pleasure. It allows me to keep in touch with my family and friends around the country-I have been able to open new doors and windows of opportunity because of technology and social media!

  120. Charles Opperman says:

    As I have gotten older and no longer work, my laptop as provided me with hours and hours of entertainment as a result of sweeping and surfing the net.

  121. Stephanie says:

    As a Digital Mom, how has technology and social media empowered you to strike a better work life balance?

    Technology definitely helped keep me grounded as I left the workforce to become a SAHM over 3 years ago. I went from being in the technology field and working with new technologies to nursing around the clock and I needed to feel connected outside of the house. That grew into the introduction of social media and meeting new, virtual friends that helped me along my motherhood path as well as a professional path.

  122. Technology has allowed me to work from home: teaching online classes, grading papers, and writing freelance articles. I have so much more flexibility to do what I want to do and work around my life as a mom. It also helps me keep up connections with friends and family. The world is a much more interconnected place now and I love it.

  123. Andrea says:

    Ah…technology. I think about how hard my mother would have had to work to do the same things that I can do in seconds. Between cell-phones to smart-phones, computers and laptops, DVR’s and in car GPS – life has changed. Technology has allowed today’s parents to connect with others not only quickly – but dramatically less expensively. I remember when long distance calls had to be short because they were so expensive – now I can pick up my phone and text or call a friend anywhere in the world. I can lay in bed with my laptop and Skype my friends in London or have my kids connect with their cousin in Chicago! If I need to research a new product or service – I pop onto the computer and look it up. It’s simple and easy. What makes it even easier is that I can do it outside on my deck while watching the kids, at the park, in the car, on a plane…I’m not limited by technology to do most anything that even 20 years ago would have been impossible. Plus – on-board GPS has saved me 100 times when I couldn’t find the right house for a birthday party – so I know my kids appreciate it too!

  124. Tracey says:

    A Girly Girl mom of 4 boys…my “tag line”.

    A Stay at home mom who (thanks to today’s fabulous tachnology) has been able to foster her passion to create! And I owe it all to the social media scene .

    Today’s technology has given me the freedom to “work” (Etsy, Blog, Network) without taking away from the ones I love (my family).

    There’s not time clock to punch in (only in my head) or supervisor to report to (again, only in my head).
    It’s fabulous!
    And…its ok if I’m not super successful because…it’s just for me. For fun and maybe more if it happens to turn into that.

  125. katfam says:

    I have been able to arrange my schedule so that I can work when the kids are in school and be home when they get home from school. Being able to work remotely has been key in making that happen.

  126. Rachel Green says:

    Social Media is a way of life for me. It used to be running into friends @ the store or church and the long impromptu conversations there to catch-up – now you can quickly and easily keep up with more (easier!) by way of Social Media. My main avenue for this is via Facebook. Whether it’s a quick post of encouragement on a friends’ wall on a rough day or seeing photos of their little ones (only minutes after the moment actually took place) AMAZING. I just love the reminders Facebook gives us for friends’ birthdays! LIFE-SAVER!!! But it’s not just for us interacting with adults…

    My career is as a youth coordinator at a local church (full time). I interact with primarily 7th and 8th grade girls at a pretty good sized church. I have about 100 girls on my roster. As you can imagine, I actually am encouraged by my boss to interact with my girls on Facebook to not only interact but also to help keep tabs on what they are posting and saying online. You can imagine how important this is!

    My husband is in the process of starting a small technology business (wish I could put in a cheap plug here, I won’t). So he uses his desktop and my laptop @ Work. Most of the time, he doesn’t bring home my laptop so I am “absent” from technology at home at that point. I understand, but since times are tough right now with his start-up – the last thing I need to do is ask for those funds to go towards a new laptop.

    Ever feel like you are sharing too much? Sorry!! There are women much more deserving for this laptop and I hope someone that doesn’t have a computer already wins this one. That’s my vote. If it is random (selfishly) I’d also love to be in the hunt or I wouldn’t have written my life story.

    Thank you for all you do and how cool is it that you all get to have this giveaway?!


  127. Debbie says:

    As a Digital Mom, how has technology and social media empowered you to strike a better work life balance?

    In April 2010, I left my job as a VP of an Interactive Marketing agency to start my own consulting firm. Our the past year, business and my family have grown in size. My second child was born in April 2011, and I now have over 10 clients– including several top brands.

    Technology and social media has helped me in many ways. I’ve hired an amazing team of women, and we all work in virtual offices– using Skype, Google Docs and other collaboration tools to complete our projects. Working remotely allows us to have flexibility in our schedules and reduces stress about preschool or camp pickup and drop-off times. That flexibility has been a major recruiting advantage for me.

    I’ve also found and hired several freelancers through social media. Through Facebook, Twitter and a local group of bloggers, I’ve found some great graphic designers, freelance writers and SEO specialists.

    My smartphone enables me to stay connected with clients even when I’m on-the-go. But…most importantly…technology enables me to stay connected with my children. I take frequent business trips, and I’ll send photo-texts to my 3 year old from my phone. He likes seeing where I am and what I’m doing during the day. The babysitter will send me photo-texts of him, so I can see him playing at the zoo, park or local children’s museum. It helps us stay connected during the day. If I’m away overnight, I talk to my three year old over a webcam and even sing him a lullaby at night. Knowing that my children are happy enables me to work without feeling guilty or distracted.

  128. Rachee says:

    As a Digital Mom, how has technology and social media empowered you to strike a better work life balance?

    As a co-parent, technology and social media has made it possible to keep my relationship with my ex positive and on task as we attempt to raise our tween. It helps to be able to have a dialogue that we can refer to when making decions for her.
    For work it helps me to keep up to date in with ideas and the newest innovations in the library world without me having to spend money that to keep up. I am also able to share more of what I do with my daughter and get her insight and opinions.
    I am able to keep up to date with friends who I would normally have to wait and see and I feel connected and less isolated in a way that I hadn’t felt before.

  129. Jodi says:

    I love being able to keep in constant contact with my children, friends, family and coworkers. I think it makes me easier to reach and to connect with during the day.

  130. Lisa Ruppert says:

    I’m a stay-at-home mom with two little ones and a freelance graphic designer so technology totally helps me keep a good balance. A good laptop or computer that has good speed is invaluable!

    Thanks for such a great giveaway.


    • Lisa Ruppert says:

      Social media has been a great networking tool for both my positions as a stay-at-home mom and freelance graphic designer.

  131. Emmy says:

    Mom-Networking has been a fantastic technological advancement for parents. Moms can come together online for sharing of advice and emotional support. The latest in parenting techniques, safety, etc. can be communicated quickly eliminating the continuing of “old wives tales” in parenting.

  132. I am not the perfect mom, nor can I say that I know what the perfect work-home balance is. But, what I can say is that technology and social media has changed what life looks like as a parent. For many, gone are the days of having to be behind closed doors in a home office or gone for hours day after day at an office away from home. Because of technology, work is mobile. And, because of that, we are mobile, allowing us to do the mom carpools and 400th trip to the playground and plan class Valentine’s parties and the like. Technology and social media are most definitely empowering and allow me to do what I do—start a small business and a nonprofit while parenting 4 young children. But, I have also faced the significant challenge that comes with that and now recognize the responsibility I have to know when to close the laptop, tuck the smart phone away, and be fully present so that my family knows that they are my top priority, not just another ball to be juggled.

  133. yes i ca n use it it lot fun

  134. Lucy Schwartz says:

    I have been known as technologgically handicapped. It is with great diligence that I push myself to learn about new technology , embrace it and learn how to use it . It is there not to emprison me but to empower me.

  135. Michelle says:

    Technology is amazing!!! Because of technology, I get to stay home with my kids and still make money so we don’t have to struggle to get by. Logmein is an amazing product that I use to continue working for the company I have been with for 7 years. Since I watch the kids all day while my husband is at work, I get to work varying hours (like when the kids are napping) by signing in to Logmein. And Facebook helps me keep in touch with my coworkers so I don’t feel disconnected.

  136. Lisa Brown says:

    I can manage a household and work from a computer and link to mobile access. Technology is the key, along with woman power!

  137. Shirley Hicks says:

    As a Digital Mom, how has technology and social media empowered you to strike a better work life balance?

    Technology and social media helps me keep in touch with family and friends, without it..I would not be able
    to keep in contact with them due to long work hours and running my household. It also helps me to strecth my budget a bit farther by allowing me to find printable coupons and savings

  138. Heather says:

    I am a mother of two, 7 & 10, and a photographer. I work from my home and use social media to stay in contact with friends, family, and clients. I run my own website to showcase my photography and also as a means of proofing for my clients. Technology is a big part of my private and business life. My kids have their own cameras so they can express there own view of what they see around them.

  139. Barbara Fox says:

    I have been able to work at home so that in turn has made it much easier to be around my family. Social networking has let me feel a part of my friends & distant families lives so I don’t feel isolated. It’s a win-win situation!

  140. Venus Hernandez says:

    I am a full-time homemaker. I must say that technology has helped me be a better housewife and stay at home mother in some very simple ways. I know that technology moves fast and provides incredible things. To me though, it provides recipes so I can cook for my family. It provides access to shopping so that I can buy my spouse a present for Fathers Day. It gives me information on if there is a “girl robot” out there somewhere. It helps me send my mother pictures of her grandbaby. I know it is not fancy and there aren’t a lot of acronyms…lol, but this is my full-time job and this is how I balance my time and my family. My family is my business and I could use an updated computer to help me with my Work as a homemaker. Thank you so much! Venus

  141. Rebecca Peters says:

    It allows me to stay home with my 3 kids and work and make a income. I don’t have to send my kids to daycare.

  142. Faith Pamer says:

    well technology has made reaching people easier and has given me more options and social media has made a way to quickly keep up with new events in the lives of my friends.

  143. sarah t says:

    it has helped me because i can work from home at any hour and work with my kids playing next to me and no one knows they are there

  144. Emma Peel says:

    Thru comminication, it’s all about communication!

  145. Megan B says:

    This may sound odd, but the first thing I thought of was easy recipes. I spend way less time trying to figure out what to make and how to make it because I bookmark recipes when I see some that I like. Then I get more time to play with my son, instead of fretting over what’s for dinner.

  146. vicky saunders says:

    Technology has allowed me to return to school via online courses to earn my bachelors degree, now that I am a grandmother. It also allows me to keep up with my extended family and share photos via Facebook. My husband & I both are able to find informed research on our various medical problems by using the internet.

  147. Ginni LeVar says:

    I’m a stay at home mom of two, ages 5 and 3. I find myself very busy with the daily demands of motherhood, housekeeping, chauffer, wife, and whatever else comes up as a result of living a full and happy life. My kids are young and demand a lot of attention most of the day. Because of this, I don’t have much time for myself.
    Add to all of my other demands, I’m an artist. I love being able to spend time in my home based studio painting. Last year I started selling my original paintings and a few prints at the local Farmer’s Market and other art and craft venues. I started a blog posting my artwork too. This year I’m at the Farmer’s Market again and looking forward to traveling to other arts and craft fairs in neighboring cities and states. I have more original paintings, more prints and am now having pendants of my artwork made as well. I have a large inventory that I have to keep track of. Because I spread myself thin with motherhood and being an artist I take very little time for the business part of my business. I would rather be in the studio painting, not updating inventory, updating my sadly out of date blog, relisting on Etsy, posting links to my blog on Facebook, creating a shopping cart option on a new website or on my blog, etc. I could go on and on. These things still need to be done though. I also spend hours each month researching new artists, getting new inspiration, and finding out what is hot right now in color and composition. The laptop I current have was a gift from my mother so I can keep all business in the studio and increase my productivity. While the current laptop has helped me find some balance in my life, it is a dinosaur! It is heavy, big, bulky, not one I would take anywhere with me, certainly not to my booth where it would do me a lot of good to update what sales I make, what prints/pendants I need to order, how much I’ve made, etc. I have written everything down on paper and brought it back hoping I would enter it on my computer sometime. Not a great system.
    I would be able to do much better on Etsy, with my blog and even with Facebook if I had a better laptop in my studio that was a joy, not a beast, to work on. I’m doing pretty well at the Farmer’s Market here, but the only real way to get my name out there and to sell more is to use technology. If I ever want to see my business take-off, I have to better incorporate the social networks and other technology into my business model. This year that is my goal. With a nice, shiny, new, Sony -VAIO Laptop with Intel® Core™ i5 Processor, I would be much more able to reach my goal. Thanks for the chance to enter this contest. I hope I inspire you as I’ve been inspired to spend more time (even on my dinosaur laptop) updating and listing so my frequented sites can be doing me some good and not just sit there.

  148. Darcy B says:

    It’s allowed me to keep track of my children and keep an eye on their social lives. It also helps me keep track of my childrens medical conditions. I also keep in touch with former co workers and friends.

  149. Janna Johnson says:

    I am not a mom yet, but I work fulltime and go to college. Technology helps keep my busy schedule in order, keep me in touch with loved ones, fulfills my sweepstakes obcession, and provides portable entertainment!!

  150. April Bever says:

    Technology has made it possible for me to raise 6 children and homeschool them with online tools, run multiple buisinesses online and be able to connect with new friends and reconnect with lost friends and family. Yrs before woman had to choose between doing these and now with all the socail media and tools online. Woman no longer have to be limited to picking famil, work, friends, personal time. It can all be achieved with the help of the new technology age.

  151. Erin Cook says:

    Technology has helped keep my busy life balanced by keeping in touch with my high school friends through twitter and facebook and I am able to pay bill online and keep a schedule so I know when my kids have events and when I work It comes in really handy to computer savvy since technology has changed so much

  152. Kim T. says:

    Technology has provided endless and mostly useful information to all sorts of querys. This has allowed me to better manage daily household management. I can pay bills online, look for activities in the area, and stay in touch with friends. It also allows for entertainment such as an occasional scrabble game. When the home is running smoothly any work I do goes smoothly.

  153. 216amyc says:

    I’m not a mom, but technology helps me keep in touch with friends and family that live in different parts of the world that I wouldn’t otherwise get to chat with as often. Long-distance phone calls are expensive! It also helps me stay organized. I love that I can go online and pay bills and manage my bank accounts- it makes it so much easier because I can do all of that any time of day!! One day I hope to go back to school and get my degree- I would use my computer to take classes online too.

  154. barbara wright says:

    It is SO nice having the technology to be able to work from home when the kids are sick, check my email late at night, and even just the kids having cell phones so they can let me know when their plans have changed so I don’t have to sit there and worry about the possibility of them being stranded somewhere. It lets me focus on what I need to be doing!

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