The Digital Mom Handbook Intel Laptop Giveaway is BACK!

Hooray! Last month’s giveaway with Intel was so fabulous, we’re doing it again!

Truly, we are so excited to continue our partnership with Intel as we prepare for the launch of our upcoming book, “The Digital Mom Handbook.” Really, Intel is the perfect partner for us as Intel technology is at the heart of every day modern life.

Did you see the video that last month’s winner created to win a laptop? Check it out here.

Powerful stuff for sure. Technology really does change lives.

And our book is all about harnessing that technology and sharing our personal digital adventures to show Moms how to blog, vlog, tweet, and facebook their way to a dream career at home.

Without technology, our lives as work from home Moms balancing our families and our careers – sometimes from the carpool lane -would not be possible. So that’s why we are giving away a Sony -VAIO Laptop with Intel® Core™ i5 Processor valued at $979.99 to one very lucky Digital Mom – again!

Intel technology and social media are empowering women to do more; from connecting with friends and family to achieving a better work/life balance to enabling women to find new ways to explore their passions. The possibilities are limitless!

Sometimes all this tech is hard to conceptualize. But, Intel really does help power us Digital Moms. Did you now that Intel processors work hard behind the scenes to make it all happen?  We like to think of Intel as the brain that makes our computers tick and our tech gadgets tock .

Entering is easy. You just need to answer this question. (Yes – it’s a slightly different question than last month! But any bonus entries in terms of photos and videos from last month can be used again – just be sure to re-email these files to us for this month’s giveaway so you qualify for entry. Really, these photos and videos were so incredible picking a winner was tough!)

As a Digital Mom, how has technology helped you explore your passions? How has technology and social media changed your life?

Without technology, life as we both know it as work from home bloggers and vloggers would not exist. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

What’s the scoop on this hot laptop?

This laptop has Intel’s latest core processor and that it supports WIDI 2.o. Why is that cool? Well, Intel has a deal with Warner Brothers to private exclusive content to WIDI 2.0 Users. Instead of huddling around your laptop, families can watch content from their PCS on their big screen TV’s wirelessly. How awesome is that??? Connecting my laptop via all those cords to my big screen TV is a total drag! We love this feature. So little Tommy’s football games can be viewed on the TV just like your latest Netflix download, or photo slideshow from the holidays, birthday parites or all those other special “visual” occassions us Digital Moms love to capture and digitize via pics or videos.

Win a Sony -VAIO Laptop with Intel® Core™ i5 Processor valued at $979.99.

Let’s recap how to Enter:

1. It’s simple. Provide a thoughtful response to the below question with a comment by July 17th, 2011.

As a Digital Mom, ow has technology helped you explore your passions? How has technology and social media changed your life?

2. For an additional entry, a little fun, and to showcase your creativity, feel free to email us a photo response by July 17th, 2011 showing how technology has empowered or changed your life or let your explore your passions.

Anything goes here. Think using your netbook or laptop from the beach. Or maybe a funny picture of you with your smart phone.( You know that gadget that enables us Mamas to organize our crazy lives and handle business emergencies all while cooking dinner, watching from the sidelines of soccer practice, or waiting in the office of the Pediatrician.)

You can email your photos to Audrey and Colleen here:

3. For one more additional entry – and since we love the camera so much – you can submit a simple & quick 2 minute “show & tell” video on the topic of how technology has empowered or changed your life or let your explore your passions. Feel free to email us the link to your video response by July 17th, 2011.

Email address:

How will we choose a winner?

We’ll select our favorite comments and photos. Next, we’ll share them with a panel of our Digital Mom peers to help us select a winner. Joining us on the panel will be:

Katja Presnal from Skimbaco Lifestyle

Ellen Seidman from Love That Max

Stacie Haight Connerty from The Divine Miss Mommy

We’ll announce our winner by August 1st, 2011 by sharing their winning comment and photo if applicable. And if our winner is an online mompreneur, Etsy rockstar, blogging phenom, or vlogging video star, any other kind of Digital Maven, we’ll be sure to tell you all about their business and success.

Additional Entry rules: Winner must have a US or Canadian Mailing address. Winner must respond within one week of contact with a valid shipping address.

Disclosure: We partnered with Intel to host this savvy giveaway for Digital Moms. Thanks to Intel for supporting our Digital Mom community and providing this excellent prizing.

70 Responses to “The Digital Mom Handbook Intel Laptop Giveaway is BACK!”
  1. Duong says:

    Technology has changed my life in so many ways. For one…the ability to work from home and spend time with my kids and family in the past couple of years was perfect for our lifestyle. Meeting people from around the world through an internet connection, on social networks and forming authentic friendships that would not have happened otherwise. Staying up to date with the various resources available at my fingertips and finally, the ability to finishing my degree in health and wellness -a passion of mine online is incredible use of technology today. Speaking of which, a new laptop is just what this digital mom/student needs!


  2. Danielle says:

    I dont think I would really be where I am today without social media and technology. The internet has helped not only mothers, but independent writers launch onto mainstream forums, and spotlights.

  3. As a Digital Mom, ow has technology helped you explore your passions? How has technology and social media changed your life?

    First off, with out technology I would have met the authors of this amazing book! Secondly, I wouldn’t have my site and third I would have written my new book about mommy blogging. Not to pimp but for years I said I would write a children’s book but on what? Well, sometimes you have to put the thought out to the universe and things happen! Now I have a children’s book about mommy blogging and my dreams have come true – seriously because of technology. My job, my life and now a book! WOW!

  4. Kristina says:

    Technology and having readily accessible sources on the internet have helped me considerably as a new mom. I am able to Google any questions I may have about pregnancy to what to expect with a newborn to how to tame a toddler. I’ve also connected with other moms and personalities that influence me in my daily life via social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter under the name SwankMama, and through my blog I hope to inspire other moms in the way that moms have inspired me!

  5. betsy says:

    Technology has helped me to dream bigger! I never thought a year ago when I started my blog that I would be where I am today…technology has gotten me to look at my life in a creative way and helped me to make things happen. I have a lot of good things going on right now and owe it to technology and social media!

  6. Technology has helped me connect with people in a way I never dreamed possible. When I started my blog back in 2006 I simply wanted to write down my thoughts for the world to see. I considered it a one-way media. I would write and people would read it. I had no idea how amazing and insightful my readers would be and how much they would share of their own lives and experiences.

    These days some of my readers feel like long time friends and although I’ve never met any of them I feel like we are a part of one another’s lives. In today’s culture we often live in disassociated worlds where we don’t know the names of neighbors and drive from point A to point B without ever saying hello to one another. The virtual world of computers and blogging has helped me feel connected to others in a way I never imagined.

    Through the keys of my computer I have been able to write about my passions and to read the comments and understand the minds of others who are just as interested in the same topics about life that I am. I can’t imagine a world without technology, my computer and my blog. The combination of the three have brought me compassion, kindness and understanding from all corners of the globe and for that I am truly grateful.

  7. Leighann of D-Mom Blog says:

    I have used technology and social media to become a health activist and diabetes advocate. Through blogging, Facebook, and Twitter I have been able to connect with the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) to both learn and teach. I have also been able to work with pharmaceutical companies.

    My daughter and I recently raised $9000, much of which went toward scholarships for a camp for children with diabetes. We couldn’t have done it without my online networking.

    Being a social media mom has made me a better caregiver for my child with type 1 diabetes by making me informed and by providing a much needed support network.

  8. Elizabeth P. says:

    I’ve always been attached to the computer throughout school. Now that I’ve become a mom it’s awesome to connect to other moms through blogs and social media to learn/share ideas. It’s really better than google (which I used many a nights when babe was just born to answer all my panicky questions).

    • Elizabeth P. says:

      I also taught my mama to use the computer, email, use a digital camera and Cell phone and use SKYPE. The latter being one of the most important because she can connect with my baby (I’m in CA and she is in FL). The time difference makes it a bit difficult since she is still working and baby naps but we have been successful. Skyping was also great when hubby moved to SD to get a job when I was in my 3rd trimester and during the 1st 3 months of babe’s life (he was laid off so he moved back home then). It would have been very difficult without the use of this digital medium during that most precious time and on a more frequent basis with my mother whom has seen Kenzie only twice since she was born. Next on my list is to teach her how to upload her own photos and email as well as open videos of Kenzie. My mama shows me new things and improvements to her home by hauling her laptop around her house =)

  9. Shilo Beedy says:

    I was extremely shy when I was little and eventually it turned into bad anxiety. With technology I feel more comfortable socializing and found friends through mmorpg’s that I have played over the years. For me connecting with someone in person is so difficult and painfully awkward that technology has helped me in so many ways. I have also found so many great blogs that have introduced me to great products and stores I never knew existed. With those blogs I have learned so much parenting advice which is helpful since I have two kids. With sites like Facebook I have been able to keep in contact with my dad who lives out of state and he can easily look at the photos I put up of my kids. My passion is writing poems and it’s easier with technology because I can copy paste and send messages to my brother and get his thoughts on my work. Plus it makes it easier to get poems out there now and fast with technology. Without this technology I would feel so isolated and limited in so many ways.

  10. andrea says:

    Technology has helped me further my passion for reading. From online blogs, newspapers to my kindle, I am able to read multiple things from just about anywhere. Instead of stopping by the store to pick up a book, I now have that capability in my electronic devices.

  11. jeannine m says:

    Technology has helped my life in many ways. I use it to keep track of appointments so I don’t miss any, sign up for sport teams for my children online. My passion is reading though and I love technology for it. I have a e-reader and it is so great to be able to have all my books in one place.

  12. As a Digital Mom, ow has technology helped you explore your passions? How has technology and social media changed your life?

    I do consider myself a “digital mom”! Technology has helped me to explore my passions by giving me access. From my desk in my home I have access .. access to the world .. to knowledge .. to dreaming! And this access that technology has given me has inspired me to dream, and dream big. I have rediscovered my love of writing, journaling, and keepsaking. I plan to develop my blog further for this purpose, and am amazed at how technology helps me go further and further. There is no end to the resources available to myself and other Moms!

    Technology and social media has changed my life completely! I have been a stay-at-home mother for over 17 years, and my family has moved a few times. Many times I feel completely isolated from family, friends, and other moms. Social media has made it possible for me to feel connected … connected to my family!! … to my friends!! .. to Moms!! All I can say is WOW! I am in awe that technology has come this far in my lifetime, and how social media has given me all my family, friends, and many new “mom” friends like me – all together at the same time and place!

    Like I said before .. technology and social media gives this Mom access!! What a blessing to my life and heart!

    I ♥ being a Digital Mom!!!!!

    Thank you for such a wonderful contest!! :)

  13. LynnfrmTerrace says:

    Thank you for your awesome blog and site! ..// I would like to share how Technology and the Social Media changed my life. I was leary at the beginning of being on-line (2001) and then learned the tricks of the trade. I use it to the best of my ability. I keep updated and close with my family and friends; I share my opinion with a variety of blogs and about to start my own; I utilize the web to share opportunities with surrounding areas and including Terrace, BC Canada; I also am able to stay updated with health, fashion, lifestyle and family topics. I do appreciate your offer and wish for the best! Thanks for having me and look forward to your upcoming topics!

  14. rsmstahley says:

    I have always loved to get to know more people and share my opinions. The technology that has helped me with my endeavors is my laptop, scanner and camera. I can get to know hundreds of people through their twitter, facebook or blog pages.

    Blogging has helped me change my life by letting me share my life with other people. It is wonderful to know that I am not the only one who struggles with anxiety, weight loss or feeling guilty about a bad day with my son. It is also wonderful to get tips on betting ourselves and just getting to know people who have the same things in common with me.

  15. sandy says:

    technology has helped me communicate with others I would not normally get out to. My world is whacky right now and the blogging starting is key as well as social media and communciation- getting to get ideas, and inspirations form others.

  16. hj says:

    I can’t imagine what my family would be without technology. We regularly use texting and email to keep in touch with one another. I think Skype is our main source of face-to-face contact with distant relatives now. And it makes keeping up with our little nieces and nephews a lot easier. We even got to be there when one of them said “mama” for the first time! Also, we use digital cameras and flip cams all the time to capture important moments like anniversaries and birthdays. Our parents recently celebrated an amazing 60 years together and we were able to create this great video from old homemade movies, photos, and recent events that made everyone cry. It was amazing to see this great family as it moved through time and become larger and stronger than ever. Without technology I think we would not be able to really reflect on the past like that, or to have contact like we are able to today. I am very grateful that we have access to this kind of technology and hope that more people can use it like we do in the future.

  17. Liz L. says:

    Simple, it gives me a social life. As a mother of two small children I seldom have the time to spend with girlfriends that I would like. Thanks to technology I was able to stay in contact with all of my friends and family during my child’s illness. I was able to set up prayer chains and a support group b/c of technology I was able to hold on to my sanity throughout one of the hardest times of my life. I was able to educate myself through technology to fight my daughter’s leukemia emotionally. Thanks to technology I was able to seperate rational fear from irrational fear. I am very thankful for this useful tool we have available to us.

  18. Margaret Smith says:

    Technology has helped me in so many ways and has given me much more freedom to be with my kids. I’m now able to work from home on any given day or time. I’m able to do much of my shopping, at my lesiure from my home. I also feel that I’ve saved lots of money by being able to search the best deals, seach for coupons online and finding special offers or discount codes.
    Technology has also helped me get in touch with long lost friends and distant family.
    What a wonderful prize.
    Thanks so much.

  19. Chad C says:

    Technology keeps me informed and in touch not only with a pc but also with iphones. THings are much easier nowadays than years ago and on the way forward and up!

  20. Lois S says:

    Social media sites and email help me to keep in touch with my family and my friends a lot easier and that is really important. We are able to share what is new in our lives and pictures that I might not have had a chance see. That might not sound very important but I had a stroke a few years ago and gave up my car then and have not been able to replace it now that I am able to drive again so the computer keeps me in touch.

  21. Jeff says:

    Technology has changed the amount of information we have access to twenty four seven days a week.
    I am able to read about people’s views via social blogs. The amount of information and personal reviews on topics on the internet is vast. Socializing with a large amount of people is fantastic.

  22. Cynthia C says:

    Technology has helped me meet and stay in touch with others who share interests. It has created a virtual support system and keeps me informed. It also helps me communicate with my long-distance family, which used to be difficult and expensive. It is useful, too, for hobbies and entertainment. I love my computer!

  23. Heather S says:

    Technology has helped me learn about so many new things. I can research illness and symptoms to help my family and of course take photos to share with all the relatives. It has allowed me to stay close to my extended family and lets us feel close even when we are far away.

  24. Christina says:

    I’m relatively new to blogging but have been a digital mom for many years now. I am active (and have been a member for 4 plus years) of a fanastic mothering/ lifestyle support board. Through that I have met many new friends who share my interests both online and in “real” life. I have shared many experiences with these women, both good and bad. Knowing I have their support is such a good feeling.
    I also am an avid crafter and can not begin to tell you how many ideas I have gotten from the web! There are so many fellow craft addicts who share ideas, questions, and problem solving with each other. The tutorials have given me so many cool things to make, and I also get tons of inspiration for my own ideas. I was so inspired by other crafting/ life bloggers I decided to start my own:
    I also love how I can find out information on just about anything with my fingertips quickly. I feel like the digital age has changed me and my perspective on life in good way and can’t wait to see what comes next.

  25. Patricia says:

    Technology has helped me alot because it helps me to reach out to other moms and other people who are chronically ill. I do not get out of the house much so being on the net is a nice boost to my day.

  26. Michael says:

    Technology has allowed me to work from home and check office status as necessary. Social media has allowed to to communicate with friends & family on a regular basis. I have also been able to reconnect with old school friends I had lost contact with for many years.

  27. I’d love to win- I’m currently still using my HP mini laptop that only works if plugged in!! :)

    This is from a post I’ve had in drafts:

    Social media has definitely changed motherhood for me. Sharing iPhone snapshots and Twitter & Facebook snippets have allowed me to create art and poetry out of the little things I do every day that would otherwise go unnoticed or forgotten with time.

    I thought once I became a mother I was done with theatre- a passion I had as a child and even in college. Through blogging and social media I was recently able to combine both theatre and motherhood *as well as* my online writing as the director/producer of a show featuring original pieces about motherhood (Listen To Your Mother)- all born out of blogging. It’s opened up an amazing new world for me. I’m so thankful.

    Stephanie Precourt

  28. Brandy says:

    Technology has helped me explore my passions by giving me the chance to do what I thought was impossible. I dropped out of school at 19, 2 weeks before I had my daughter. I have been dying to go back but being a SAHM with 3 kids, It is not possible right now (hubby is working on PHD). I don’t get out a lot, so I don’t have a lot of interactionn with people. Sad, yes I know. So technology is my way to the communicate write, and keep in touch. I send tons of pics to family thousands of miles away, who have never met my children. I have a Dell Inspiron 15 right now and literally have to take it in for repair every month. So my blogging and social media hits snags all the time.

    Thanks for your time

  29. CanCan says:

    There is no aspect of my life which isn’t improved by technology. My lifestyle: I am a raw vegan and athlete. I connect with other raw vegan athletes on a forum and track my calories, making sure I get 3,000 a day, using
    My work: after 10 years of teaching, I quit to stay home and follow my passions of writing and making videos. So far, all online, I have negotiated a government grant for a video project in southeast asia, and secured a children’s book contract. This is all within one month! I can also edit videos at HOME…this wasn’t possible when I was a student…the equipment needed was just too expensive. Now it is affordable, and small!
    My family: We travel a lot, and even live on separate continents. My parents live in the states, my brother lives in Spain…I have friends all over the world! Through the Digital world we stay connected, just as if we were next door. Except when I make dessert, I get to eat it all instead of sharing with them. ;)
    I can sign up my kids for camps and events in the future, even if we aren’t in that geographical area at the time of the sign-up deadline. I can find things in their interest niche, such as the Cooking With Herbs Garden Camp my 6 year old attended while visiting grandparents in June.
    My shopping: I am always confident I find the best use of my money by comparing deals online! Plus I can find speciality items and books, like a spiralizer or a Raw cookbook or Beginner Triathlon Training Guide! Thanks, internet!
    My travel: I can keep track of my travel schedule, and even look up directions or reroute myself when things go wrong.
    Ahhh, I love you so much, digitalness!

  30. Diane says:

    As a digital mom (and a digital girl since 1994!!), I have been helping people save money since 2003, with the best coupons, freebies and more on,

    I’ve been sharing the best deals, on a Mac desktop computer but would love a laptop, so I could go to blog conferences and meet many of the mom bloggers who have inspired me. I can’t lug my desktop computer! :)

    Winning this laptop would be life-changing for me!


  31. Ashley Ruzin says:

    As a digital Mom I have been helping my fans find deals and steals as well as keep them up to date on the latest products for the last year but as of recently the 10 year old desktop I was blogging on finally died on me, so now that my site is starting to take off and become very popular, I have to go to a friend’s house or the library every day to keep up with my work! But I’m dedicated to continue my quest of finding the best of the best for my fans! I would love to finally own a laptop so I can blog at home again and even blog on the go, since there are hundreds of beautiful places in Florida, I would love to share with my readers as well. Without the digital age I would’ve never discovered this true passion of mine!

  32. Farah says:

    Technology has revolutioned how we work and how we communicate with each other. I am a mom, student and entrpreneur I don’t know how I would do everything I do without my phone and laptop. I do most of my work sitting outside my kids’ classes. Kumon, swimming , karate…… a half an hour here an hour there is made productive with a quick email to a client, an entry in quickbooks or an assignment on my laptop. Also, texting with my husband , skype video chat with my mother helps to keep in touch on a constant basis. Facebook has helped me reconnect with so many old friends from school and college. And most importantly the apps have helped to keep kids entertained while doing grocery, going fgor a long drive or waiting in the doctor’s office. All in all technology has made life easier more entertaining and has helped to reconnect with close friends.

  33. regina says:

    as a digital mom, technology has saved me money, connected to more information than i could possbilby learn in a lifetime and has given us the opportunity to work from home. it has conected me friends and family that i thought i lost and would not be able to find again. I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!!!!!!! it’s no longer a “man’s world”

  34. When my daughter Molly was diagnosed with Down syndrome a few days after birth, I was devastated, confused and wasn’t sure how to come to terms with this diagnosis. Even more so, my knowledge of Down syndrome was extremely limited. I was also unsure of how to share this news with friends, extended family and my online network of friends. So, where did I turn? The internet, Facebook, my blog and Twitter. I knew if I could put our story on “paper” it would be easier for me to share and let others come to their own terms with the news too. While I was afraid it may come across as impersonal, I didn’t want to have to tell our story each time I saw someone. From the instant I hit “send” on the emails, tweets and blog post sharing Molly’s story, my life changed forever thanks to social media and technology. I had a new, strong voice and I wanted everyone to know how proud I was of my daughter. Social media has allowed me to have an instant support group with other special needs moms as well as non-special needs moms too. I have educated myself and “met” some fantastic people online just in the one year since we began our journey with Molly. The support I received (and am still receiving) from those that know me personally is fantastic – and even more so, the emails, comments and tweets of support from those that have never even met me in real life have often brought me to tears. Social media and technology have allowed me to see that while my daughter has special needs, we are not alone. We are surrounded by others walking the same path through life with their own children.

    I thought I loved social media before Molly’s diagnosis, but now I have a much greater understanding of the true meaning of social media. It’s so much more than tweeting and posting a new status update – it’s about connecting. It’s about life and it’s about sharing, loving and learning from others.

  35. Kristie says:

    Technology had helped me to do more research on my all of my passions such as cooking. Social media has changed my life by reconnecting me with my fiancee.

  36. Heather McDonough says:

    Technology and social media especially has helped us share more of what our family is doing with grandparents. We take our laptop and smartphones on vacation and post pictures for our family to view. We “check in” and use the internet and social media to get coupons and discounts to help us save and better budget our money.

  37. Scott Martin says:

    A faster computer would mean that my kids could play their preschool math games without getting the “low memory” error. It is hard being a single dad but a new computer is what happiness is made of. It would be great. God Bless.

    Scott Martin

  38. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    It has changed my life by allowing me to meet and get to know so many people I wouldn’t have otherwise. What an amazing opportunity for a stay at home mom, to connect and be able to inspire my kids too.

  39. Heather B says:

    wow I don’t know what I would do without technology. I am able to talk to so many people and get new ideas, look up recipes, crafts, books… SO many things!

    • Bruno says:

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  40. Jill Myrick says:

    Technology has allowed me to remain closer with my family and friends by having access to email and picture sites such as
    It has made it possible to work one job from home instead of the two that I was working publicly.
    It has allowed me to find the answers to some of the questions that my children ask that I could not have previously answered.
    But most importantly it allowed me to find my wonderful husband of eight years after being a divorced single mom of twelve.
    It has definitely allowed me a lot of amenities that I would miss if it were taken away. And a lot of freedoms that I would not otherwise have had.


    • Rose says:

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  41. Sarah Peppel says:

    This is such a great prize, I am trying again! Technology has allowed me to meet so many incredible women, like both of you, who are making a real difference in a read world!

  42. Addies says:


    A great initiative by You and Intel. Amazing!

    By the way, am offering a giveaway of FREE 250 die-cut business cards (very high quality printing) with FREE shipping – Thought to share this with you and your great readers.

    Check it here for more details

  43. Adrienne Bireley says:

    I love that I can read reviews online. I can shop online. I can meet people and keep in touch with old friend online. All in all my life is MUCH more convenient because of technology. I can look up recipes or send a quick email. How did I ever live without it?

  44. Rosa Pereira says:

    Technology has help me to earn a living and be successful at my work place. Also in my personal life has helped me to connect with my children and grandchilden, since they are far away. I can get to see their pictures, videos of their birthdays, and school events. Now that I recently retired, technology is my best companion.

  45. Shelley Mitchell says:

    It has helped me keep in touch with my friends and family. I love it!

    msjem2001 at yahoo dot com

  46. Happi Shopr says:

    Technology has allowed me to expand my horizons and reach out to so many. My passion is raising awareness and money for a cure for colon cancer in Daddy’s honor and memory. My sister and I have a blog, facebook page and twitter account devoted to the cause and our team. I have been able to use these outlets to grieve, heal and share with family, friends and anyone who will listen.

  47. Debra Hall says:

    well im disabled so technology has kept me for losing my mind i enjoy learning new was of entering sweepstakes and i have gotten to know a great deal of people like me doing the same things that i do because they are disabled also.Last week i started teaching myself spanish via my laptop and when i need a break i go to youtube and watch animals so the technology really has helped me grow as a person

  48. Stephanie Chandrasekaran says:

    As a digital mom, social media and technology in general has allowed me to explore things that otherwise I would probably never get to. I can explore the world, learn how to cook with a certain technique, read up on how to get that stain out of my carpet or watch a video on how to fix something around the house…all while the little ones nap. It’s given me a sense of independence and pride. Social media has shown me that I’M NOT ALONE. There are a million more moms just like me out there. Being able to connect with other moms on that level reminds us that we aren’t perfect and that’s A OK.

    • Pat says:

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  49. tallcapp says:

    As a person who loves digital technology, this is an easy response. It has opened up the art museums of the world that I visit from my home. It has allowed me to learn how to pronounce certain words correctly that have eluded me by using a talking dictionary. It has allowed me to SKYPE with friends across the country that I can only infrequently visit in person. It has also given me the opportunity to telecommute part of my job, which has given me more leisure time. I am glad to be alive in the Digital Age.

  50. Roseanne Alonso says:

    Technology has helped us in so many ways! If your child wakes up with an earache in the middle of the night and you are looking for a remedy to make it better where do you go at 3:00 a.m.? It has helped my children when they need information for a report. I am always on the computer and can not live without it. I finally dived into Facebook last year and I could not be happier! Aside from keeping in touch with friends and family, I have discovered the world of blogs and sweepstakes. I have won so many items that I would not be able to afford and I am grateful for that. My computer takes a beating and then I share it so I would love my own!

  51. Cindy says:

    Technology has helped me explore my passions by giving me a platform for publishing my words without having to go through a publisher who would expect a lot of work from me. ;0) Kidding. Sort of. I love the fact that I am able to write and get it to the public and actually turn a profit on my meager skills and with fairly small time investment because of the low overhead. I have also made a TON of wonderful and very real friends thanks to digital media. I’m so glad to live in these high-tech times! Also, as Roseann says in the comment above, it is awesome to have access to all the giveaways and freebies that companies use to promote their products. Better living through technology, indeed!

  52. Linsey Knerl says:

    Simple! Digital technology is what made me a blogger! I love freelancing, but all the neat blog tools took my business to the next level.

  53. Gloria S says:

    Technology gives me the ease of corresponding with my longtime friends that I do not get to see anymore because of distance. It also lets me see what is going on in the world at a glance. I can also investigate medical concerns easily on the internet.

  54. dana says:

    Technology makes it easier to plan meals, bounce ideas off of others and most importantly WORK FROM HOME

  55. Joanne Schultz says:

    I just love having all the newest gadgets, and I use them! I have a wonderful Kodak digital camera that lives in my purse, so any time I see something I’d like to remember I have the camera and can take a picture!
    Beading is one of my hobbies, so when I bead with a friend, my sister always asks what we made, and instead of telling her, I can show her, uploading the pictures to my laptop, and then emailing them to her!
    While I was visiting my sister, we went to see a play for which my niece was the assistant stage manager; since we had arrived early, I brought my iPad so my nephew wouldn’t get too antsy waiting for the show to start- I have a ‘few’ games on it – he loved trying them all out!!
    It’s also great having email – to keep up with friends and relatives without the cost of a long distance phone call!

  56. lisa says:

    It has made my life so much easier. IF I am at a loss for an answer I simply google. I also like that everyone is just a phone cal away.

  57. Betty says:

    Technology and the digital age have impacted my life tremendously but not always in a positive way. I am employed in a field where I use computers every day and the more I know about them the easier my job becomes.

    However, I find that I spend too much of my free time involved online. I use the search resources to find knitting and crochet patterns and designs for the quilts I love to make for my family. I read blogs, belong to a sweepstakes group and enter far too many online sweepstakes.

    There is one thing I regret about my technology enhanced life. I don’t spend nearly as much time with my family. My children are all adults and they have children and grandchildren. Instead of developing bonds that tie our family closer together I am spending more and more time alone with just my cat and my computer.

    It is too easy to become so involved with online activities that personal relationships suffer. I can really see how some high school kids who usually don’t have great self esteem in the first place can become isolated from their peers and alienated against their schools and community.

    My personal goal is to limit the amount of time I spend isolated in my home. I want to invest in some faster tools so I can get what I need online and spend more time redeveloping my family ties.

  58. Rosey says:

    My passion has been to pursue my PhD. and to raise my family the best I possibly can, which to us, means sacrificing two paychecks and staying home with the little one until he goes to school (which is next school year!). Being a Digital Mom, technology has helped me explore and pursue my passion as I found a way to attend for my doctorate degree (90%) online. Technology enabled my dream to come true, and social media helped make the classes that much more engaging as we used various forms to communicate between class members/professors. There is no doubt that technology has changed my life…absolutely for the better.

  59. Sand says:

    Technology has helped me explore my passions by being able to do maximize my time and getting things done via the internet rather than using previous methods.

  60. Auriette says:

    Technology makes it easier to explore my passions by putting the world at my fingertips. I can do research in just a moment without leaving my desk. I can post my writing or artwork online for instant feedback from friends, colleagues or strangers. Technology also makes it possible to pursue the things I love anytime I have a few free moments. I can write a poem or read plays during my lunch hour, by keeping them on my laptop. It’s an amazing tool!

  61. Tammy Greer says:

    Technology has helped me explore my passions by being able to work at home on the computer while my child is at school. I also love entering sweepstakes and I do it in my spare time at home on the computer as well.
    LuckyTJG at cs dot com

  62. desiree messenbrink says:

    Without technology, I wouldn’t be able to help my husband with his business. Which I am able to do from home. Without my help, my husband would be lost, lol he is not very hands on with computers. I also need technology to help raise my 5 beautiful children with all their learning games, and the older ones with their school work. Without technology, this family would be lost.

  63. Amanda says:

    Technology has allowed me to connect with others that have the same passions and to find places to try new things.

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