How moms can find their work+life balance with the web

Mothers have been looking for the middle ground for more than half a century. Staying at home and raising the kids full-time isn’t it. Working full-time and rushing home to tuck the kids in at 7 p.m. sharp ain’t it either. Even part-time work outside the house can be a scramble for most women, as they try to “have it all” between 9 am and 5 pm. To work or not to work? That seems to be the bottom-line question for most women today.

But, we believe that equation is changing. In fact, we’re living proof of that change.

Both of us left the corporate ladder behind to stay home with our children. But, instead of assigning us permanent stay-at-home status, this choice was the catalyst to our reinvention. Miles apart, we sat down at our computers one day, kids cooing in the background, and began to blog. Colleen specialized in product reviews; her blog was called Audrey was a down-to-earth fashionista who’d once landed a dream job with Donna Karan; her site,, focused on fashion trends for moms. Slowly but surely, our audiences grew. The portability of computers and smart-phones, the connective powers of social networks, and an overwhelming desire to happily mix work and family enabled us to move past the Mommy Wars (i.e. stay-at-home moms vs. working moms) into a territory all our own. Today we are bona fide online entrepreneurs; our respective blogs lure upward of 200,000-plus viewers a month; we’ve been quoted by Good Morning America, Fox News, ABC News, even the New York Times; and we’ve forged alliances with the biggest corporations around, including Frigidaire, Tide, T.J. Maxx, and Hanes (they call us for advice about their products—and they listen!).

We’re telling you all this not because we enjoy tooting our own horns, but because writing it down makes it real for us. And we honestly believe that other moms can do the same. After all, neither of us even knew how to create a blog when we started out! What we did know, though, was that we wanted a change, so we dove in and began blogging, tweeting, skyping, vlogging, and facebooking. Four years later, our lives as moms will never be the same.

We may not be the fashion designers, corporate execs, or journalists we once aspired to be. However, we’re something we think is even more fun–something that lets us balance our mommyhood with our sanity.

Most days, we can sit on a play-mat beside our children, a sippy cup in one hand and an iPhone in the other, and get motherhood and “career-hood” taken care of. Thanks to the endless possibilities on the Internet, we’ve found the magical middle ground. We each defined the terms “career” and “success” for ourselves—no person or corporation did it for us.

Not bad for a day’s work.

The Digital Mom Handbook is our attempt to show other moms how to find their own middle ground via the frontier of the Internet. Do you want to be a booming six-figure eBay saleswoman? A twenty-hour-a-week brand consultant? A local Twitter correspondent? The terms are yours to define. Money, hours-per-week, title – these don’t dictate your Digital Mom success. Personal satisfaction does. That’s a very important take-away, and we’ll repeat it often.

Of the course of the book, we’ll share our stories, as well as those of other moms who have found success online. Ultimately, though, becoming a Digital Mom is a highly personal journey. The reasons that we started won’t be the reasons that you start—except perhaps to make a bit more money, because everyone could use that—and that’s okay. The last thing we want is to tell you that your online experience needs to be identical to ours. After all, what fun would that be? You might not be interested in fashion or product reviews at all. Maybe you’ll even come up with a better way to launch your blog than we did.

Instead, we’ll try to give you all the tools and advice you’ll need—tools and advice we wish we’d had when we were starting out!—to have your own successful Digital Mom experience. And the most important part of getting started is figuring out what it is that you really want to write about, so in our first chapter we’ll help you find your own passion.

Whether your passion is geography or politics or food or the geopolitics of food, you’re about to start a project that will change your life, by design. We hope you enjoy every second of it!

Digitally yours,

Audrey and Colleen

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