Digital Mom Advice Tip #59: Finding Brands to Work With

Digital Mom Advice Tip #59: Finding Brands to Work With We have been very lucky to work with some brands and companies that we just love. Every brand we work with, is an actual brand that we use in our lives. That seems to be the biggest misconception when it comes to bloggers and working with brands… only work with ones that work for you and your life. Many bloggers have reached out to us asking us to help they figure out which brands would be the best ones to work with…... Read More

Digital Mom Advice Tip #36 – Frequency of Posting

Digital Mom Advice Tip #36 – Frequency of Posting I’ve often explained blogging as a type of reality show. It’s got the “same” kind of ingredients… - Real life - Exposing yourself - Sharing bits and pieces about your life - People are “tuning” in each day So when people ask me how many times a week they should blog, I always say… “at least 4 times a week.” It’s not always what people want to hear, but it’s... Read More

Mom Digital Advice #16 – Who are you?

Mom Digital Advice #16 – Who are you? Always introduce yourself to your readers! This is so important. You want to make sure your readers have an idea as to who you are. Are you an east coaster or west coaster? Are you a single mom or married mom? Are you a mom of 5 or a mom of 1? It really helps to include a ABOUT ME page because you’ll truly allow your readers to experience YOU. You’re who they want to see and to read about, so share what you feel comfortable... Read More

Digital Mom Advice #15 – What is Alexa?

Digital Mom Advice #15 – What is Alexa? Everyone keeps asking us – “How do marketers/brands measure influence of bloggers? One way is by using Alexa. So what does Alexa offer? Alexa’s website is built on the principle that timely and relevant information is essential to a vital web experience. Alexa Site Info – Alexa has built an unparalleled database of information about sites, including statistics, Related Links, and more. All of this information... Read More

Digital Mom Advice #5 –

Digital Mom Handbook Advice #5 – One fabulous way to keep up on the news in the mom blogging world —! Brainchild of our friend Esther Crawford, strives to… We’re a blog that’s dedicated to keeping women in social media informed about what’s happening in the community. We keep pace with marketing campaigns, conferences, best practices, and give folks the back-story to hot gossip by surfacing conversations happening across the web. It’s... Read More

Reason #218 Why I love being a Digital Mom

There are definitely perks to being your own boss. Sometimes these perks come in different shapes and sizes and circumstances. This weekend was one of them. We were getting ready to pack up on Sunday night and head back home from Cape Cod with the 4 boys. The sun was shining. The beach was serene and beautiful. The boys were in the water. Everything was PERFECT. As a matter of fact, here were my boys at 7PM Sunday night… … it was actually making me sad to think... Read More

You know you’re a Digital Mom when…

You know you’re a Digital Mom when you can work outside and have this be your view…  Read More

We’re listed on the HarperCollins Catalog!

Check it out! We are very excited about this one! We feel like it’s really official now! The Digital Mom Handbook is listed on the HarperCollins Catalog! Seeing this made it very real to us! Excited for the release in August 2011!  Read More