Good Read from CNN: 10 Fascinating Facebook Facts

Everyone’s just about on Facebook now, it’s becoming the way we connect and engage on a daily basis. We talk about Facebook and how to utilize Facebook to grow your digital business in our book, for us… it’s a must-do on the digital front. Recently had an interesting and “fascinating” article by founder, Pete Cashmore title… “10 Fascinating Facebook Facts — and what they say about us.” Definitely... Read More

Good Reads: Why Facebook Is Important For Your Business: Matt Jacobson’s Talk At Disney Social Media Conference

It was amazing to see Matt Jacobson – the 8th original employee and head of market development of Facebook – speak at the Disney Social Media Moms Conference in Disney. As two women who utilize Facebook every single day for our blogs and for personal usage, we were very intrigued and excited about Matt’s advice and tips. Our friend Vera Sweeney took exceptional notes of Matt’s speech and wrote a wonderful blog post that we absolutely know is a GOOD READ… Today,... Read More