Digital Mom Advice #34 – Creating Your Twitter Handle

Digital Mom Advice #34 – Creating Your Twitter Handle Twitter is a social media tool that you should absolutely be using. It’s efficient, it’s informative and it’s a great way to meet other digital-minded-folks. It’s also a great place to have some fun! I (Audrey) started tweeting on March 19, 2008. Believe me, I went kicking and screaming. At first, I didn’t stick with it… I tweeted here and there, but never really “dove into... Read More

GOOD READ: How to Use Twitter Tools to Promote Your Blog Posts by Kris Cain

It’s funny… when I first became a blogger, the top question a PR person would ask me, “What’s your traffic?” Now? Well, times have changed. The question has been rephrased… “Can you tell me the traffic and numbers from your blog, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube?” Yeah… we’ve now become social media ladies. And it’s important to make sure you’re working all the “venues.” Kris Cain wrote a FABULOUS... Read More