Digital Mom Handbook Advice #6 – YouTube Account

Digital Mom Handbook Advice #6 – Open a YouTube Account. People are always asking us how they can be different, how they can stand out… we highly recommend video! We both have had tremendous success in creating original “home” videos that are raw and rough and fun. If our kids are underfoot, they make the cut. If the kitchen is a mess, it makes the cut. It’s sneak peek into our lives and it allows your readers to get to know you even better. If... Read More

GOOD READ: Get More Views on YouTube by Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is a genius in the social media space. His advice and tips are invaluable. Chris’ passion and insights are what makes his blog a daily destination for us. He wants to help others in the digital space, and it’s AWEsome! He recently wrote a blog - Get More Views on YouTube. Considering both of us are very active on YouTube, we particularly loved Chris’ advice on how to increase your views. He offers additional tips through other links, too. Enjoy... Read More