How moms can find their work+life balance with the web
  • Digital Mom Handbook

    Mothers have been looking for the middle ground for more than half a century. Staying at home and raising the kids full-time isn’t it. Working full-time and rushing home to tuck the kids in at 7 p.m. sharp ain’t it either. Even part-time work outside the house can be a scramble for most women, as they try to “have it all” between 9 am and 5 pm. To work or not to work? That seems to be the bottom-line question for most women today.

    But, we believe that equation is changing. In fact, we’re living proof of that change. We’re telling you all this not because we enjoy tooting our own horns, but because writing it down makes it real for us. And we honestly believe that other moms can do the same.


Digital Mom Tip #66: A Stylus for your iPad

Gadget alert. Don’t ask me why I never though to buy one of these before, but they really are wonderful. My brother in law uses a Stylus from Griffin for his iPad. He especially loves it as sketches on his iPad given his career as a shoe designer. But the stylus is fabulous for anyone using an iPad – particularly for kids. It helps eliminate... Read more

Digital Mom Tip #65: Turn Your iPod into a Pinball Machine

Hot find alert! With the holidays around the corner I can’t resist sharing cool tech gadgets that I know my family and I would love. As a kid I can remember being OBSESSED with Pinball. This gadget would make the perfect stocking stuffer for me – Pinball Magic lets you convert your iPod Touch or iPhone into a Mini Pinball machine. Love... Read more

Digital Mom Tip #63: iPad Case for Kids

Hot find alert! Notice those sticky fingerprints on your iPad screen?  Add this cool product to your holiday list to solve that problem. Check out the iPad cases from SpeckProducts. I’m eyeing this iGuy iPad freestanding case that lets tots and tykes watch flicks without smearing up the screen – or dropping it and breaking that expensive... Read more